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Residents Protest Power Outage in Miami Apartments Complex – NBC 6 South Florida

Residents at a Miami apartment building say they haven’t had power since Wednesday night. 

“This is unfair to us. Treat us like human beings,” said resident Roslin. 

Frustration is growing among residents at the Santa Clara II apartments because they say they haven’t been told what’s causing the power outage. 

“I cannot climb 12 floors. I have bad knees. I have an illness. This has to stop,” said Roslin. 

Many elderly people and children live inside the units affected. 

 “My mom had to go to the hospital because she relies on a bipap machine and she cannot live without electricity,” said resident Dorothea. 

According to residents, more than 200 units are affected by this electricity issue. They’re not sure what caused the problem.

“FPL said our power was restored. It’s something to do with the building. They haven’t spoken to us, they speak to whoever they want to speak to,” said Roslin. 

87-year-old Alberto Gonzalez tells NBC 6 he has to go up and down 8 flights of stairs because there is only one working elevator.

“My neighbor has 5 kids under the age of 5. They told her she could not charge her phone outside. What if something happens?  They have to be held accountable for it,” said Roslin.

NBC 6 reached out to the property management company for a statement, and they have not responded to our request.

Residents say on Saturday and Sunday office staff brought food to the residents affected. 

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