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Returnal PC Port Reportedly Spotted In GDC Presentation

Returnal PC port is reportedly spotted in a GDC Presentation, which could very well get revealed very soon. As Alexander Battaglia from Digital Foundry has pointed out, the eventual confirmation of the PC port was revealed at the Game Developers Conference presentation on the VFX for Returnal.

Credit @ Housemarque

Thankfully, that appears to have changed, with the highly-praised PS5 title Returnal finally being located on PC’s database. We have no accurate date of the PS5 game’s highly-regarded return, but if it is already showing up in the Steam database, we would expect that it will release in the space of months, rather than years.

If another PlayStation-exclusive title does come out for PC just as quickly as fans are expecting it to and a daily update from Oregon suggests that is happening that would make four new Sony first-party titles available for PC this year. PlayStation has been slow-but-surely porting its exclusives to PC, so it seems like it is just a matter of time until we hear an official announcement about the PC port for Returnal.

A recent stream from GDC regarding VFX breakdowns of Returnal seems to have confirmed that Returnal is indeed coming to PC. It is fairly open and shut that a PC port of Returnal is the PC version of another PlayStation-exclusive game, and almost daily updates have suggested the port is coming far sooner than one might expect.

These ports were revealed only a couple of years after the video games release, but it looks like PlayStation might be getting Returnal on computers earlier than expected. Now, as noted by VGC, it appears the PS5s last-year exclusive could also work on the Steam Machine.

Based on the latest SteamDB database record update, it appears that the game will be supported on the Steam Controller, in addition to Steam Deck, which again suggests that there is an announcement for PC imminently. The PC port of Returnal and its Steam Deck compatibility has not been somewhat officially revealed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Nothing has been confirmed directly yet from both Housemarque and Sony, but at the moment, the Returnal PC port is a public secret. There is no official word yet from the Sonys side, nor Housemarque, that will confirm Housemarques stellar third-person shooter is coming to PC. A return would be a bit of a cornerstone for PlayStation on PC, as PlayStations has not brought any recent PS5 exclusives to PC so far (though has promised The Last of Us Remastered at some point). If PlayStation gives Returnal another exclusive, with as much care as the game’s previous PC arrivals, then being able to play it in higher resolutions, and on PC of course, will be a fantastic thing. 

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