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Riya Shukla: Four-month gap led me to anxiety and depression

Starting her career with Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie (2018), actor Riya Shukla recently completed her five years in the TV industry. Currently on her sixth show, Shukla is happy being on a constant work spree instead of sitting home and getting trapped into anxiety and depression.

“When you are shooting 27 to 30-days a month, it’s tough to find time for yourself but now I am used to the hectic shoot schedules and try hard to steal some time for myself. But, trust me, this is much better than being without work. I have been in that phase where just in a few weeks I started getting anxious. In a span of four months, I got so frustrated that I nearly went into depression,” says Shukla.

Riya Shukla on her recent visit to Agra.

She recalls, “My show Maharaj Ki Jai Ho (2020) closed due to pandemic but as I was with my family in Nagpur, so I didn’t bother much. Then I got the show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka (2021) and as the show got over, I got very desperate. I tried hard to keep myself motivated, maintained a rapport with friends and auditioned madly. The situation was such that I had decided to not be selective in future and take up whatever comes my way. I only want to work as for me being busy is the only way to live happily.”

Shukla is thankful and filled with gratitude that she took right decision on right time. “I got the title role in Kashibai Bajirao Ballal (2022). Then I did a character role in Banni Chow Home Delivery and that small role landed me in my current show Dhruv Tara. After experiencing the low phase in life, I just keep on thanking God for giving me best of the opportunities. It’s a dream life I am living right now.”

The actor was in Agra to shoot for a sequence. “I have visited the Taj city earlier too with my parents also during a school trip. But this time, I was shooting at the monument of love and that was very special.” she tells.

Besides, TV she is looking forward to exploring other platforms. “I am a greedy pers-on as far as work is concerned and I want to explore OTT as well along with films. I have very big dreams and will try hard to achieve them.”

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