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Roads taken by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu ‘cleansed’ with turmeric water in Kurnool

Kurnool ,UPDATED: Nov 19, 2022 18:44 IST

By Abdul Basheer: Workers of the YSRCP used turmeric water to “cleanse” the roads that former Chief Minister and head of the Telegu Desam Party (TDP) Chandrababu Naidu took to address a rally in Kurnool on Thursday.

The workers said they were cleansing the roads to protest against the lies that Chandrababu Naidu spoke in Kurnool district in the last few days and also against the unparliamentary language that he used for those protesting his visit.

The cleansing of roads with turmeric water was primarily taken up in Adoni, Pattikonda, Kodumur and Yemmiganur. In some places, cadres cleaned the road with a broomstick while chanting “Chee Babu, Chee Chee Babu.”

A video of the former Adhra Pradesh chief minister went viral on social media where he can be seen losing his cool and asking his supporters to attack a group of protesters agitating at a rally he was addressing in Kurnool district.

“Will you be there? Should I come? You dumb ra****s, unworthy people and heinous criminals, come (for a fight). Catch that thief and bring him to me,” an irritated Naidu said at the rally. Later, he also threatened the protesters that he would get them beaten up.

Naidu’s visit was hit by a series of protests by lawyers and student federation workers, who were protesting against the former’s stand on the decentralisation issue and establishment of a high court in Kurnool.

A local YSRCP worker blamed Naidu for not doing enough for the Rayalseema region, in which Kurnool district falls.

“According to the Sribagh Pact 1937, when Andhra Pradesh got separated from the Madras presidency and became a separate state, it was decided that all the regions of the state would be developed equally. Be it the united Andhra Pradesh or the bifurcated AP, none of the previous governments focussed on the development of Rayalseema,” said the YSRCP worker.

“Chandrababu Naidu is intentionally trying to create a rift between Rayalseema, north Andhra (Vizag region) and Amravati. At least Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is focussing on the development of all the regions. His decentralisation policy is at least in line with the Sribagh pact. Naidu is obstructing the development work in Rayalseema and is focussing only on developing Amravati,” said the YSRCP worker adding that people will answer Chandrababu Nadi in the upcoming elections.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Inclusive Development of All Regions Act, 2020, proposed by the Jagan Mohan Reddy government, three capitals have been proposed in the state with the legislature in Amravati, the executive in Visakhapatnam and the judiciary in Kurnool, which is also known as the gateway of Rayalseema.


Chandrababu Naidu visited Kurnool on Thursday and took stock of the cotton production in the district. Taking to Twitter, Naidu said cotton farmers expressed to him that they have undergone losses due to fake seeds. He also alleged that the public representatives colluded with the seed companies and lied to the farmers.

During the rally, he also requested people to vote for him in the next elections and said that it would be his last election if he is not voted to power in Andhra Pradesh.

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