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Sadie Robertson opened up how body image transformed during her second pregnancy

Sadie Robertson, known for her appearances on Duck Dynasty, is currently expecting her second child with Christian Huff. In a recent interview, she spoke about the major changes her body has undergone during her second pregnancy. She shared that carrying a child has given her a new perspective on the body’s purpose, as it becomes a vessel for nurturing and bringing forth new life. She also expressed that she no longer worries about the appearance of her stomach, as it is not expected to look fit during this time. Instead, she focuses on the importance of the life growing inside of her. This is a common sentiment among many expectant mothers who prioritize their child’s health and development over their physical appearance. (Also read: Love Island’s Laura Anderson cradles her baby bump, asks fans: ‘will I be no.1 mum?’ amid breakup with Gary Lucy)

During an episode of The Squeeze, a podcast hosted by Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor Dome, Sadie Robertson, Sadie shared how her body image transformed throughout her second pregnancy.

She said, “I remember it shaped a lot of body image things for me because your body takes on a whole new meaning. All of a sudden, every part of your body is used for the purpose of another life, so it just takes the focus off of you and puts it onto something so much greater and that shifts so much of who you are.”

She continued further and told, “It grows your capacity and your strength and your confidence. It made me a lot less shallow. No longer is my stomach trying to look the flattest or the most fit. Now, it’s like, oh wow, as it grows I’m creating life inside of me.”

In February 2022, she hared her struggles during her first pregnancy. She told Yahoo Life that perspective can either be harmful or empowering.

“I threw up every single day from week seven to week 24. It’s not like I had this perfect pregnancy. But at the end of the day, gratitude defeats many feelings of fear and many feelings of insecurity that you might have”, she concluded. Sadie got married to Christian Huff in 2019. The couple was blessed with their first child- daughter, Honey James Huff in 2021.

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