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Salman gets brutal, calls out Vicky’s mother: ‘No one knew your family before’

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan was his honest best as he defended Ankita Lokhande against her mother-in-law’s mean comments about her. After appearing on the show, Vicky Jain’s mother, Rajani, gave a bunch of interviews to the media, speaking in not the nicest manner about her actor daughter-in-law. She even mentioned that the family was against the couple’s union from the beginning and that Vicky has been taking care of Ankita financially. Salman refused to let it slide on the latest Weekend Ka Vaar. (Also read: Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan interrogates Abhishek Kumar’s mom, Ankita Lokhande’s sister-in-law. Watch)

Salman Khan came all guns blazing on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka War to call out Rajani Jain.

The Bigg Boss team invited members from the finalists’ families to answer for their crimes on the show. Representing Vicky, was his sister-in-law Reshu Jain. Host Salman asked Reshu why Rajani Jain wasn’t here this time, Reshu said that she was unwell and had been keeping a fast. Salman brought the ‘fast’ bit again and again, joking how being hungry was the reason behind her outburst last week.

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Salman grills Vicky’s sis-in-law

Getting more serious, Salman asked Reshu about Rajani’s comment about being against Ankita and Vicky’s marriage. Reshu said that it was untrue and the whole family was in support of their union from the beginning. Ankita’s mother, who was also sitting next to Reshu, chimed in, saying how they went to their home for a roka with the whole family. Ankita’s mother said she, too, was shocked at Rajani’s words but mentioned again and again how Ankita is the happiest when she goes to Vicky’s home in Bilaspur.

‘Cut them out like gangrene’

Reshu said that many people and relatives were calling up Vicky’s parents to talk about the couple’s fights on the show. Salman spoke strongly against them, saying that such people should be cut out of one’s life like ‘gangrene’. “They are jealous, they are poking your mother-in-law and she is getting poked. If they say how Ankita entered such a ‘big family’, does she belong to a smaller family? Aapke parivaar ko koi nhi jaanta tha, Bilaspur mein koi nhi janta tha. Isko Hindustan mein bachcha bachcha janta hai (No one knew your family, even in Bilaspur. Now, every kid in India knows him (Vicky). Salman even compared such relative to the ‘teen titliyan’ from his film Hum Saath Saath Hai who incited the innocent Mamta to throw her stepson out of the house. “Tell her to eradicate them from her life; otherwise, she will be a very miserable woman.”

Sasu-ma’s tantrums

Salman even said that Ankita has been offered the show many times but she only wanted to appear on it with Vicky. Salman also credited Ankita for ‘doing very well for herself’. “Nakhre toh mujhe is waqt Ankita se zaada saasu ma ke lagrae hain (I think the mother-in-law is throwing more tantrums than Ankita).”

Ankita and Vicky have been fighting since the day they entered the Bigg Boss house. They got married two years ago. On the show, Ankita has playfully kicked and thrown a slipper at Vicky, which upset his family. Meanwhile, Vicky was once caught on camera about to slap Ankita.

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