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Sanding crews battle slick Vernon roads

City of Vernon crews have been out for several hours Monday morning, Jan. 9, addressing slick road conditions that were caused by overnight rain and early morning freezing temperatures.

A full fleet of operators are out across the city, sanding, salting and de-icing priority routes.

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians traveling around the community are reminded to take your time, approach intersections with caution, and be aware of other travelers around you. The conditions of roads and sidewalks could continue to fluctuate as weather conditions continue to change.

In addition to addressing winter road conditions, city crews have also been repairing potholes throughout the community that are being caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

To help crews locate problem areas, residents can report potholes to Operation Services through the city’s website, Please remember to provide an approximate address with cross-street for reference.

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