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Selected for SERB International Research Experience Fellowship at Italy

Mysore/Mysuru: Dr. Smitha Joyce Pinto, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Commun-ication Engineering, Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore, has been selected for the SERB International Research Experience (SIRE) 2022-2023 Fellowship supported by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, to work at Department of Management and Innovation Systems, University of Salerno, Italy, for 5 months.

The submitted research proposal has been approved on Enhancing Grid Resilience by Employing Cyber Physical Oriented Islanding Detection Strategy. This work focuses on the grid resilience to justify in communication flows in the Microgrid after cyber-attack. The work plan is to increase the energy resilience and analyse the transient, power flow and dynamic stability of a smart Microgrid system.

The ‘SMARTLab’ laboratory in University of Salerno supports researchers in learning innovative methods for the management and planning of smart cities and smart grids, also considering aspects related to the integration and security problems of Cyber-Physical Systems consisting of electricity and IT infrastructures that are closely interconnected between them. The approved proposal will be implemented in SMARTLab to conduct the research in cyber security related smart grids.

Dr. Smitha Joyce Pinto, daughter of Walter Pinto and wife of Lt. Col. Anantha Keshava who is serving in the Indian Army, has a Ph.D from NIT Meghalaya.

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