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Senior journalist and anchor Jayanti Waghdhare to head Planet Marathi’s social media | MorungExpress


Mumbai, May 18 (IANS) Planet Marathi has been the prime focus of attention in the Marathi entertainment space. Ever since the launch of Planet Marathi OTT – the world’s first-ever exclusively Marathi OTT platform — Marathi film and entertainment bigwigs have flocked to their nest. With various big names getting onboard the brand, now a new name is being associated with Planet Marathi. Popular senior journalist and alumnus of the company Zee Media Corporation Limited now joins Planet Marathi as AVP, Social Media.

A seasoned journalist, Jayanti, has been a regular correspondent for interviews with top celebrities from Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Madhuri Dixit, Kajol and many more. Jayanti brings almost a decade worth of experience in media to the table. Her content creation is admired and sought after on social media. She is the right fit for being the face of Planet Marathi’s fresh and evolving social personality.

Talking about her career move, Jayanti comments: “Having worked as an entertainment correspondent, I have formed a deeper relationship with this industry. From television to films and from regional to Bollywood, my endeavour has been to bring the action from the industry to spotlight. In this process, I have grown as a journalist and a person. With Zee, I have experienced every facet of media and communication that gave me recognition. But now I move on to become the face behind the camera in propelling Planet Marathi OTT – the world’s first Marathi OTT platform — towards greater heights. I am grateful to Akshay for this opportunity.”

Akshay Bardapurkar, CMD, Planet Marathi, shares his thoughts on the same, saying: “We are happy to welcome Jayanti as the face of Planet Marathi’s social media. For, this was a position that needed a fresh perspective, in-depth understanding of how the media industry works, and an insightful content creator all bundled in one! We want to keep a close connection with our audience and with Jayanti onboard, we will be able to forge these connections effectively!”

Recently, Planet Marathi started a philanthropic initiative on account of their four-year anniversary. This initiative named “Planet Marathi Salaam” acknowledges the work of celebrities and common people helping the Covid-affected patients, families, and infrastructure. The Covid heroes are awarded with digital certificates and will be given their recognition once lockdown is lifted. Jayanti’s contribution in driving this monumental initiative shows a glimpse of her work that has already started to make a mark!

Planet Marathi has a power-packed team on board, and their synergy with the best of talent in the industry, too, adds to their momentum. Now with senior journalist Jayanti Waghdhare at AVP, Social Media, Planet Marathi, the OTT platform is heading towards bigger developments.


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