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SGPDA retail market vendors against sopo hike

29 Aug 2022  |   06:39am IST

SGPDA retail market vendors against sopo hike

Team Herald

MARGAO: Vendors of retail market of the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) at Fatorda have hit out at the Authority’s decision to hike the sopo fees and said that issue such as garbage management and maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene levels at the market should have been prioritised by the SGPDA instead.

SGPDA Retail Market Fish Trader’s Association President Felix Gonsalves also demanded to know why the authorities are not taking consistent action to permanently stop illegal vendors from operating outside the market on the roads.  

The vendors further expressed surprise that the SGPDA had decided to increase the fees from Rs 10 to Rs 50 when they had failed to act on the issues raised by the vendors. 

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