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Shraddha Arya: People troll me for each and everything

Actor Shraddha Arya was thrilled to be attending an event and dressing up despite her healing leg injury. Arya had a metatarsal fracture, breaking a bone close to her little toe a month ago on the sets of her TV show. Though the doctors advised her bed rest, but she started shoot for her show within days though seated on a wheelchair.

Shraddha Arya: People troll me for each and everything

Last weekend, she attended an event but Arya was trolled for walking the red carpet, dressed in a gown with a crutch while sporting heels despite her recent leg injury. Some users wondered why she had to attend an event if she couldnt walk properly while one other asked ‘Heel kyu pehni phir?’. One user said, “Jb leg me lgi to bhai heels kese pehn li?” and another commented, “She is not well then also she is wearing heels and also stick is been decorated.”

Talking to us, Arya states, “I think people like to troll me more than other celebs. People feel it is dikhawa but I wanted to go as I hadn’t been at any event since my injury.” She explains that she can walk “much better now” and the doctors have allowed her to wear heels, which she “wore after months”. She adds, “But my team felt having a crutch would help so I won’t fall or trip. Moreover, the dress needed heels, so why not? I carried myself well. It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed myself. I really took care of myself. I don’t understand why people bother with such comments. I enjoyed the evening but woke up to some nasty comments in the morning on Instagram.”

Regardless of the trolling, Arya feels “great” to be able to walk well again. “In the past few week, I realised that we take our body for granted. Only when it is injured, we realise that we did. When something doesn’t work or needs healing in our bodies, we feel we should have taken more care of ourselves and our bodies. I’m really happy to be able to walk on my feet again. That’s a big achievement for me after my injury,” she says.

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