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Sidemen FC triumph in charity match 2023, beating YouTube All-Stars 8-5


Sidemen FC make their way victorious in the Sidemen Charity Match 2023, defeating the YouTube All-Stars with a score of 8-5. The game attracted a massive online audience, with over 2 million viewers tuning in to watch the live stream on Sidemen’s YouTube channel. The charity match took place at West Ham United’s London Stadium, with approximately 60,000 spectators witnessing the exciting event.

Goals Galore and KSI's Heroic Save: The Unforgettable Charity Match Showdown! (Sidemen Twitter. X)(Twitter Sidemen)
Goals Galore and KSI’s Heroic Save: The Unforgettable Charity Match Showdown! (Sidemen Twitter. X)(Twitter Sidemen)

In a heartwarming display of generosity, fans donated £1.95 million during the first half of the match. The first half concluded with both teams tied at 2-2. The opening goal was scored by Ethan Behzinga in the 9th minute, giving Sidemen FC a 1-0 lead. Ethan celebrated his goal with the iconic Hammers celebration.

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ChrisMD equalized the score in the 15th minute, while Theo Baker’s night took a downturn in the 30th minute when he faced an injury while attempting a shot. iShowSpeed continued to struggle with understanding the offside rule.

Simon Minter, also famously known as Mimintier, added to the Sidemen FC lead with a goal, accompanied by the famous Rashford celebration. Chunkz quickly responded, securing the score for the YouTube All-Stars.

At halftime, the YouTube All-Stars dominated with 55% possession in hand. They attempted 13 shots, but only three found their mark. However, Sidemen FC had five shot attempts, with two on target.

The second half began with a number of goals from Sidemen FC, as Manny scored twice within five minutes, pushing the score to 4-2 in their favor.

The YouTube All-Stars were given the opportunity to narrow the gap with a penalty. Speed missed his opportunity, and the YouTuber turned boxer celebrated the save with Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous ‘SIU’ celebration.

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Max Fosh scored a goal with a superb left-footed strike from outside the penalty box, bringing the All-Stars back into the game. Tobi and Manny swiftly added two more goals to their tally.

Wroetoshaw scored the seventh goal for his team in the 80th minute. Tareq concluded the scoring with the final goal of the match during injury time.

Sidemen FC maintained 52% possession by the end of the game, taking a total of 18 shots, 12 on target. The All-Stars attempted 32 shots, hitting the target 11 times.

KSI experienced a momentary lapse in goalkeeping while Chunkz’s shot was saved but rolled over the line, allowing the All-Stars to score their fourth goal. Max Fosh became the first player to receive a yellow card, humorously presenting a ‘Uno reverse’ card to the referee.


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