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‘Slums to Oxford’ initiative launched to educate poor kids

Hyderabad: Empowering the people of slums through education is changing the lives of people, especially children belonging to underprivileged families in the city. A city-based NGO has being doing the same by educating the people of slums, under the campaign ‘Slums to Oxford’. The campaign kick-started at Virat Nagar, a slum in Shaikpet on Sunday, with an aim to run the campaign across the country.

According to Sakina Foundation, whenever we talk about the slum, a picture of highly populated urban residential area consisting of densely packed housing units of weak build quality and often associated with poverty comes to our mind.

Mohammad Asif Hussain Sohail, Chairman Trustee of Sakina Foundation Trust said that there is a potential for skills, talent, and dedication to study. The idea behind the initiative is that children from slums and poor families also have talent and possess the dedication to study and learn skills. They can excel in their fields if they are given proper guidance and mentorship along with access to resources.

The under-privileged children have been discriminated and delinked from quality education because of their poverty, parental illiteracy and casteism. In this context, we had made a conscious effort to promote child development through various strategies,” he added.

Asif Hussain said that this initiative was launched to educate slum children, women and senior citizens, beggars, labourers, fruit and vegetable cart vendors and auto drivers with the support of Amazon. Free basic and advanced literacy classes will be conducted every day for 8 to 80 years of age and free study material will also be given. These classes will be held both in the morning and evening for two hours, 365 days at Virat Nagar slums in Shaikpet.

After three months of course completion they will be provided certificates, home utensils as gifts and will be promoted for advanced literacy programmes. “Our classes will not only be restricted to education, but they will also provide skill development training, extracurricular activities and awareness programme on child prostitution and anti-drug campaign,” he added. Mohammed Riazuddin, Director Amazon, who is working in the campaign said “We strongly believe in giving back to the society through Amazon in the Community events. We could not have chosen a better day than October 2, the birthday of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. We look forward to this initiative to take positive strides and assure our commitment for the cause in future.”

College students, professionals and other experts will visit these centres every day in different areas to teach and guide them. We hope that many children, women and senior citizens who will show their talents and skills and will get the best of their life in a very short period. It will help them grow and increase their life-style from slums to society and Oxford,” he added.

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