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SNAMUN ’23: 3-day student-led conference opens at The Lawrence School, Sanawar | Education


SNAMUN 2023, a three-day student-led conference began at The Lawrence School, Sanawar on Thursday, July 27. Young minds from leading schools across the country have come together for this symposium.

SNAMUN '23: 3-day student-led conference opens at The Lawrence School, Sanawar
SNAMUN ’23: 3-day student-led conference opens at The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Distinguished guest speakers at the conference reinforced their commitment to internationalism, public-spiritedness, and building a safer, more inclusive world on the opening day of the conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Purnima Chauhan, ex-IAS, reiterated the importance of “vocal for local” even while planning global reforms. She urged the young delegates to be mindful of the needs of their local communities while addressing global challenges.

Professor Jasteena Dhillon is the Guest of Honour for the conference. Dhillon is a distinguished figure with over 20 years of experience in law and international development.

Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Sanawar while speaking at the opening ceremony said, “As educators, it is our fundamental duty to instill in our students a profound sense of responsibility towards their communities and the world at large. Every school, regardless of its location, must rise to the occasion and envision how it can positively impact its surroundings. Let us inspire our young minds to be catalysts of change, creating a reality that transcends boundaries and fosters enlightenment for all. Together, we can empower the next generation to lead with compassion, drive progress, and make our shared planet a better, more harmonious place for everyone.”

The agenda of the 3 days conference includes topics like global crises, women leadership at the grassroots level, measures to protect child refugees, and reviewing Agenda 2030 with a special emphasis on gender equality. Furthermore, the conference also seeks to shed light on significant historical events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, providing young minds with a better understanding of crisis management and emergency planning.

“I am delighted to extend my warm congratulations and best wishes to all the delegates, faculty members, and participants of the Lawrence School Sanawar Model United Nations conference. Your dedication to diplomacy, meaningful discussions, and constructive debates sets a shining example for future generations. The theme ‘Justice and Sustainability’ reflects the urgency of our times, and I am hopeful that the innovative minds gathered here will contribute to achieving impactful resolutions soon”, said Rohit Thakur, Minister of Education Himachal, Member of Legislative Assembly.


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