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Soaring oil prices British Automobile Association urges people to walk or ride more

Automotive Updated 3 hours ago (GMT+8)
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As the oil price in the UK has been rising and hitting new highs for some time, the British Automobile Association has called on people not to drive for short trips, but to “walk or cycle to save money”. The mirror reported on the 11th that the average price of gasoline in the UK had risen by 7.3 pence (about 0.6 yuan) in seven days, to a high of 1.832 pounds per liter (about 15.1 yuan), and even reached an average price of 1.888 pounds per liter (about 15.6 yuan). The fuel tank of most family cars in Britain is 55 liters. According to this calculation, the cost of filling up a tank of fuel for car owners is more than 100 pounds (about 826 yuan).

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