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Son’s loving tribute to Suzanne Somers, ‘more than a star, a cherished mom’ | Hollywood

Bruce, the son of the late American actress and writer Suzanne Somers, paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother, who passed away “peacefully at home” on October 15 after a long battle with cancer. In a touching Instagram post, Bruce shared a precious photo of his mother, the beloved Three’s Company star, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Son’s touching tribute: Suzanne Somers remembered as a beloved mother and courageous warrior by son Bruce Somers. (brucesomersjr/Instagram)(Instagram)

“She soared higher than most can dream,” Bruce stated in his emotional message, saying, “She protected those who didn’t have a voice. She asked the questions most didn’t know to ask.”

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“She shared her challenges and brought light to solutions. To so many, she was a brave warrior who articulated their fears. She wasn’t fearless, but she faced them so we could learn,” he continued.

Bruce mentioned how she always played the role of being more than a friend, wife, sister, daughter, entertainer, icon, and legend. She was simply “Mom.” He cherished the privilege of being the only one who could call her that. He reflected on their journey, where it was them against the world, before she went on to captivate the world.

Although he acknowledged that death always arrives too soon, regardless of our readiness, he emphasized that her legacy would endure through him. She had imparted valuable lessons, teaching him kindness, presence, love, caring, expression, and the importance of speaking from the heart, which he described as the voice of God.

He continued, “Mom, you left me with all the tools, though I’ll still need your guiding spirit around me. I feel you and know you are there. He consoled himself with the loss of his mother’s reassuring touch and caring gaze that delved deep into his soul for assurance that everything was alright.

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Bruce Jr. expressed his gratitude for Suzanne being “the best mother any son could ever dream of” and shared his longing for her. He acknowledged that 57 years with her weren’t enough, but he was grateful for the immense love he received.

He extended birthday wishes to his mother, who would have turned 77. He concluded with the sentiment that heaven was fortunate to have her.

Suzanne Somers also played the role of a stepmother to Stephen and Leslie Hamel, her husband’s children from a previous marriage. She was a loving grandmother to six grandchildren.

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