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Sons of the Forest sells over 2 mn copies in 24 hours of early access release

Endnight’s Sons of the Forest has made waves in the gaming world with a historic launch. The game, which is both a cooperative survival and survival horror game, sold over 2 million copies within the first 24 hours of its Early Access release.

The developer, Endnight, celebrated the success by taking to Twitter and thanking their fans for joining them on their Early Access journey. They also mentioned that they were excited for what was in store for players in the coming weeks.

Sons of the Forest has managed to outdo itself by having more Steam players than behemoth Hogwarts Legacy, which peaked at 306,615 players, while SotF peaked at 411,999, according to SteamDB. This is an impressive feat for a home-grown hit on Steam, especially since it had a smaller marketing budget.

The game has gained attention from many gaming enthusiasts, including those at PC Gamer. The team at PC Gamer has written a variety of guides and pronouncements on the very state of gaming itself. The game has also received critical acclaim, with PC Gamer’s Andy Kelly calling it “impressive.”

Sons of the Forest is the follow-up to the hit game The Forest, which was an unexpected success that stood out among the many survival and crafting games of the mid-2010s. The game was created by a tiny four-person team, making it all the more impressive.

If you’re looking to set off on a hellish island journey either on your own or with friends, Sons of the Forest is available on Steam in Early Access for $30.

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