Splish, Splash, Save: Indulge in the Earth-Friendly Monsoon Sale at Amala Earth!

Amala Earth, the go-to marketplace for all things natural, artisanal, and earth-friendly, is delighted to announce its exclusive Earth-Friendly Monsoon Sale from July 21 to July 23. Embrace the essence of this magical season with Amala Earth’s limited-time sale, offering up to a whopping 60% discount with an additional 20% off using the code on the website. Indulge in guilt-free shopping as you choose from an extensive collection of artisanal home goods, nourishing and natural food, cruelty-free personal care items, and handcrafted fashion accessories. Each purchase not only allows you to embrace an eco-friendlier lifestyle but also extends your support to a brand dedicated to ethical sourcing, fair trade practises, and sustainable production methods.

Sharing the vision behind the sale and spirit of sustainability, Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Founder, Amala Earth, says, “With our Earth-Friendly Monsoon Sale, we aspire to inspire positive change and encourage a more environmentally conscious way of living. By making small yet meaningful switches in our daily choices, we can collectively make a significant impact on our planet.”

The company takes great pride in its use of organic materials and recyclable packaging, embodying the brand’s core ethos of ‘making every day earth-friendly.’ Shopping at this curated marketplace empowers customers to align with their values and actively contribute to a greener future.

Join Amala Earth in celebrating the Monsoon Season and embarking on a transformative journey towards a more earth-friendly lifestyle. To learn more about the sale and explore the awe-inspiring range of eco-friendly products, please visit the website or download the app.

Happy Monsoon Shopping!

About Amala Earth

Amala Earth is a one-stop solution modern marketplace that offers earth-friendly products. Founded by Gunjan Jindal Poddar in 2021, Amala Earth is a way of conscious living built on a foundation rooted deeply in Indian origin that enables consumer choices with over 60,000 products. Amala Earth believes in bringing together all brands, products, experts, and consumers on a common platform to drive a change in consumption patterns of individuals and enable them to incorporate organic products, eco-friendly products and locally sourced products in every day living.