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Sreejita De celebrates Christmas with husband in Phuket

Sreejita De had a beautiful Church wedding with her long-term boyfriend Michael Blohm-Pape in Germany earlier this year, and this will be their first Christmas as a married couple. “He didn’t have to introduce me to Christmas because I was from a convent school and grew up celebrating the festival, however this one’s is more special for me,” she excitedly shares.

Sreejita De celebrates her first Christmas after wedding.

“Ahead of the X-mas, I got a huge Christmas tree and decorated it myself. Michael also helped me later and was very excited about it all. I made that little effort to make him feel at home because we couldn’t go to Germany this year, unfortunately,” De tells us.

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Ever since the two started dating, De says that they have celebrated it with her now in-laws. But this time it won’t be possible because her visa has expired. She shares, My visa got expired on 22nd of December this year. And we could not renew it because I am married now. So first I have to change my name in every document here in India, which has not been done yet. I have to submit German wedding certificate to the Indian government. And once that is changed, I can apply for lifelong German visa. So we thought even we plan to go to Germany in early December, his parents would be very sad if we will leave just before the Christmas.”

So instead of Germany, the couple planned to go to Thailand to spend some quality time together. “It is our first trip after wedding. Ever since we got married, something or the other kept us occupied. So we thought it’s a great time to escape to the beaches and celebrate a cozy Christmas and new year, in each others company,” says De.

The two left on December 20th and will be coming back on 8th of January. “The plan is to live by the beach throughout. From the airport, we went to Phuket as that place has a very nice Christmas vibe and the festival is celebrated in the most beautiful way there,” she reveals, adding, “Then we will be doing island hopping. These islands are very peaceful places away unknown by many tourists and there it’s all about embracing nature, going scuba diving and reconnecting with nature. It’s a complete hideaway. It’s not our honeymoon but we planned it because we couldn’t go to Germany,” she shares.

De also goes on to talk a out how over the years, she has learnt about the difference in celebrating Christmas in India and abroad, “For me, it has always been about partying, going out, meeting friends. However, for westerners including Miachel, Christmas is about food. The whole country is shut down and nothing at all operates. So people go back home to spend the time with family…baking cookies and making food. The whole house smells like cinnamon. They watch movies in the warmth of the home and listen to music.”

While she is doing everything possible to have a great Christmas this year, De is missing a few things including the Christmas markets. “There are small moveable carts selling beautiful Christmas decorations, food, wine. Going to those markets with my husband and in-laws was so much fun,” she ends, hopping that next year she celebrates it with all of them.

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