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Sudha Murty recalls how she met Narayana Murthy at The Kapil Sharma Show. Watch

Guneet Monga, Raveena Tandon and Sudha Murty will soon be seen in The Kapil Sharma Show. Ahead of the full episode that will be released this week, Sony shared a promo on social media where Sudha was seen recounting the story of her meeting with her husband Narayana Murthy that made everyone burst in laughter. (Also read: Kapil Sharma asks Neha Sharma if she learnt nagin dance among many dance forms: ‘2 peg k bad saap bante dekhe hain’)

Sudha Murthy at The Kapil Sharma Show.

The promo, that was shared on Twitter, opens with the announcement that this week on the show, the three guests will be producer Guneet Monga, actor Raveena Tandon and author Sudha Murty. Raveena even plants a kiss on Kapil’s cheek. Then Kapil goes on to ask Sudha about the story of meeting her husband Narayana Murthy. To this Sudha eagerly responds: “Ek mitra the uska naam Prasanna, aur woh mere colleague the. Aur har roz ek book lete the… Narayana Murthy Istanbul, Narayana Murthy Peshawar, Mujhe laga ye Narayana Murthy international bus conductor he kya?” (I had a friend named Prasanna, who was also my colleague. Everyday he got a book… I was like who is this person, is he an international bus conductor?) Sudha’s hilarious response made everyone giggle, but she had more to add.

Then she said, “Mujhe laga ekdum film hero ke jaisa handsome Narayana Murthy… dashing. When he opened the door mujhe laga ye kaun he aadmi, chhota bachha? (I thought he would look as handsome and dashing as a film hero but when he opened the door I was like who is this small child?) Sudha’s response made everyone erupt in laughter.

Reacting to the promo, many fans wrote in the comments. “Oh my god! (laughing face emoticons) must watch,” said one in the comments. Another wrote, “Ohh I will definitely watch the episode. My favourite Sudha Murty ji she is an inspiration for all Indians.” “Looks sooo entertaining with Sudha ma,” read another comment.

NR Narayana Murthy is the co-founder of Infosys. Sudha Murty is a bestselling writer who was recently conferred with the Padma Bhushan for her contribution to social work. Meanwhile, actor Raveena Tandon recently received the Padma Shri for her contribution to Indian cinema. Guneet Monga, on the other hand, received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short for producing the film The Elephant Whisperers at the Oscars in March.

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