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Sudhanshu Pandey on his Anupamaa co-actor Nitesh Pandey: He was finally happy with the work coming his way

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey is at a loss of words after the death of his friend, and co-actor Nitesh Pandey. He adds that the late actor, who died of due to a cardiac arrest on May 23, was really excited about the work that was coming his way, and charged up to explore this new phase of his career.

Sudhanshu Pandey got close to late actor Nitish Pandey while working on Anupamaa

“The news has come as a shock to me. It is one of those moments which completely takes you off, and makes one thing that somebody who used to be with us sometime ago, sitting and talking about work on TV and OTT, is no more with us,” Sudhanshu says, adding, “He was happy with the way work was picking up for him, and excited about travelling from here to there for various things.”

Asked him to share more on what Nitesh was doing and what got him most excited about the upcoming work, Sudhanshu tells us, “He was doing some three-four web series, and also had OTT film in his kitty. He was very happy that finally good things are happening. He was really enthusiastic about the work he was getting to do now.”

It was while working on TV show Anupamaa that the 48-yea-old formed a bond with Nitesh, especially as they came from the same place as well.

“Whenever he was on set, he used to come to my room to sit and talk. It was only recently when we used to talk about how OTT is working in his favour as a medium, and what TV has done for him. He said that he will step out and explore other work as it was finally picking up for him. When he used to come to shoot for the TV show, we would chill, it was one Pandey meeting another Pandey. We also came from Uttrakhand, so we had a lot in common. So, we used to exchange stories and laugh. Now all those stories are over,” recalls the actor.

Given that Nitesh passed away at the age of 51 due to cardiac arrest, Sudhanshu feels it should be a wake up call for all to not neglect their health.

“He was on the heavier side, and definitely not someone who worked out or exercised. In fact, there are a lot of people who are working but they are not really taking care of their health and body. In today’s times with all the kinds of food and the kinds of things we are taking into our body, if we are not vigilant about our body’s condition, things become very risky. We have to be responsible not just for ourselves, but for our family as well,” he ends.

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