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Support for Textile Education Infrastructure from the Ministry of Trade

support from the Ministry of Commerce to the textile education infrastructure

While a new one was added to the support provided for education by the Ministry of Trade, the computer workshop of the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, Textile and Fashion Design Department, which was established about 20 years ago, was renewed in cooperation with the Ministry and ITKIB General Secretariat.

In cooperation with the ITKIB General Secretariat of the Ministry of Commerce, on the one hand, vocational and technical training to meet the trained workforce need of the textile industry is supported, on the other hand, education studies for fashion and brands that will enable the sector to become advantageous under global competition conditions.
In this context, besides the fashion design competitions organized with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, the “My Favorite Textile Engineering” project, which is one of the concrete examples of the cooperation between the sector and the university and aimed at improving the perception of textile engineering, continues.

The support frame given to the educational infrastructure Trade Minister by Ruhsar Department of Commerce with Pekcan’s instructions and İTKİB General Secretariat of Turkey fashion and art at the oldest university in one of the Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty of Textile and Fashion Design computers in about 20 years ago founded the computer workshop of the Department software has been renewed.

Considering the increasing need of design students for computers and software in the age of digitalization and the importance of investment in educational infrastructure in this field, design students, who will contribute greatly to the production of value-added products, contributed to the creation of an environment where students and academicians can organize their education for fashion and brand according to the conditions of the day.

Within the scope of the support, 14 desktop computers, 9 laptops, 6 drawing tablets and 3 portable disks were purchased and the equipment was renewed. On the other hand, a total of 200 thousand TL was transferred by various Unions operating under the General Secretariat of ITKIB.

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