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Surat: Demand to increase wages for cutting, folding and packing in textile markets

The wages of the workers involved in this sector have not increased since 2008: Union chief Umashankar Mishra

On Sunday, 18th September, 2022, Surat District Textiles Marketing Transport Labor Union organized a meeting of laborers related to cutting folding packing. In which discussions were held on increasing the price of wages and other issues from October. In the coming time, a huge rally will also be organized by the workers involved in this field. Giving information about the union meeting held today, Umashankar Mishra said that in the textile markets of the city, the work of cutting, folding and packing is mostly done by the laborers of Rajasthan and Jharkhand.

Heads of all markets will be informed to increase wages

In the shops of the markets, the prices of the laborers doing the work of saris, dress material and taaka cutting, folding and packing have not increased since 2008. Therefore, a letter will be given to the heads of all the markets and the union of all the traders to increase the value of the laborers doing the work of cutting, folding and packing. If the price does not increase even after giving the letter by the union, then there will be a strike in the end. In today’s meeting, mainly union chief Umashankar Mishra, executive chief Dungar Singh Sodha, Chenaram Punia, Shravan Singh Bhati, Ganpat Lal Kumawat, Roop Singh, Girdhar Singh Jodha, Nepal Singh, Birju Verma, Bachchan Rai, Prakash Rai, Ambe Singh, Chenaram Gurjar, Jabbar Horn etc. were present.

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