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Sweety Walia rubbishes drug angle in Aditya Singh Rajput’s death: I didn’t ever see him high on alcohol

Actor Sweety Walia is coming out in support of her late friend, model-actor Aditya Singh Rajput to shun the notion that he died due to drug overdose, saying she didn’t even see him get high on alcohol, let alone take drugs.

Sweety Walia has a regret that he didn’t go to meet Aditya Singh Rajput when he called her just days before his death

“We met at a party some years back, and there was no looking back. We would meet, hang out, party together and dance together. We used to have the best time together,” Walia recalls getting emotional about the sudden passing of her friend.

Rajput, who had worked in films such as Krantiveer and Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara, and participated in several reality shows including Splitsvilla 9, was found dead at his place on Monday.

The actor is especially hurt by the narrative laced with drug angle which is being created around his death.

“He has gone. God has not been kind to take him away from us. And people are busy talking about drug angles. I don’t want to get into it. There are just stories. I don’t understand why people are talking about it on social media when no report confirming it has come out. They need to be sensitive towards the loss who we all have lost,” says the actor.

She adds that it seems to have become a trend that if a sudden death has struck the industry be it Bollywood or TV, there ought to be some involvement of drugs. “It is because of these stories that people from small town are hesitant to send their kids to the industry, or something call their kids back,” she states, stressing that Rajput didn’t take drugs.

“I used to party with him, and I never saw him high on alcohol at parties, let alone drugs. He used to dance, be happy and just liked to mingle around. These are some of the happy and last memories that I have of him, and would not want this narrative to tarnish it. I never saw him take drugs,” Walia tells us.

In fact, she confesses that she has to live with a regret that she didn’t go to his place to meet him when he called her over just days before his death.

“Recently, I got hurt, and he sent me a message asking to come and meet him at his place, but I couldn’t go. He kept asking kab aa rahi hai tu. I feel bad that I couldn’t go to his house. That is something that I have to live with. Now, I am telling everyone to just meet your loved one when you can because life is unpredictable, and then all you will be left with are the thoughts that why didn’t you go. It is such a great loss. I am very shocked, and hoping it is a prank. He has gone too soon,” she ends.

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