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TaCa Healthcare celebrated World Piles Day with its #LetsTalkPiles campaign

TaCa Healthcare has launched its #LetsTalkPiles campaign to promote awareness about piles and its treatment on World Piles Day. Through the campaign, the brand aims to spread awareness about the complications of ignoring piles and motivate people to seek appropriate treatment without any delay, it claimed. As per a company statement, the week-long digital campaign will have short educational movies, podcasts, posters, photographs, webinars with doctors, among others.

We often get patients who come to us and tell us what treatment they want, Dr Shabeer Ahmed, senior colorectal surgeon, TaCa Centre for Surgery, said. “What they don’t understand is the fact that piles can be categorised into many stages. And only after a physical examination of the patient can a doctor decide on the appropriate treatment,” he added.

Of the two campaign films, the first video deals with the hesitation that women feel while talking to a doctor about piles. The other aims to educate people about the need to consult a doctor and let the doctor decide on the treatment. The company said that the campaign wants to create a platform for women where they can talk about their diseases without any embarrassment and fear of society.

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