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Tanisha Mehta: TV industry safer, better for women

Actor-model finds the small screen to be a better and safer environment for young actors, especially women. Tanisha Mehta

Tanisha Mehta

“See, work is happening across mediums and we’re all eager to explore and experiment. In my understanding, the television industry jells well with youngsters’ disposition and is very safe for newcomers, especially young women. I have been here for a few years and my experience has been good. The way the entire cast and crew associated with a show turns into a family in little time, speaks volumes of how the industry functions,” the Shubh Laabh … actor feels.

Mehta, who relocated from Australia just to join the Indian entertainment industry, adds, “Before making a move to India, I had done a few Hindi music videos. I left a well-settled life behind to make a career in acting. When I started looking for work, it was difficult to even know the right location for auditions. At one point, I did break and decided to go back but my mom made me stay. That’s when I reworked on a few things, including my diction, and eventually got my first show.”

On another note, Mehta seems worried over the growing influence social media has on actors’ work prospects.

“The present social media scene is unrealistic and imposing: I mean how can work be decided on the basis of followers. I’ve been trying to balance both my social media profiles and TV career, but it’s not an easy task. It’s important for us to value work and talent as that will surely count more. As every second person can buy followers so where’s the end to all this because joh mehnat kar rahe hain unko toh kuch nai mil raha. For me my focus is, and will be,my craft,” says Mehta, who is currently shooting forthe show Lag Ja Gale.

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