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Textile Shredding and Recycling

Textile material that is shred by a recycling plant or shredder is called ‘’commercial textile waste’’. Commercial textile waste consists valuable waste that can be sold and used as a basis to produce new products. GEP ECOTECH provides a variety of shredders (Single shaft shredder, Two shaft shredder, Granulator) to create this commercial/valuable waste. By combining these shredders, we can provide you a complete recycling plant suitable for all sorts of materials and recycling industries.

In daily life, lots of products are made of textile, like clothes, curtains, bedding, mattresses, blankets, carpet and more. This makes the textile waste a very valuable product for recycling. The collected waste material is firstly sorted and graded, wearable textiles like clothing and shoes (if in decent condition) are collected and resold to Third World countries. Unwearable textiles can be cut into cleaning rags or shredded into small pieces. These pieces can be used for spinning, weaving and knitting or compressed and re-used for the production of mattresses. Shredded textile can also be recycled into paper or redeveloped into fuel. No matter what situation you’re in, GEP ECOTECH can always provide a simple solution to reduce your textile waste! Would you like more information about our products? Simply fill in the contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

GEP ECOTECH provides a wide range of high-quality shredders, waste, and recycling plants. Durable and reliable with the highest European quality. We supply shredders for different purposes. Are you looking for a solution to shred rubber, wood, paper, metal, or plastic? Europe Shredders always has a suitable high-quality machine. GEP ECOTECH not only supplies the shredder, but also helps you to obtain a complete solution. Are you just looking for an industrial shredder or do you want to build a complete recycling plant? At GEP ECOTECH , you’re at the right place. Whatever your needs, GEP ECOTECH can help you. More information about our heavy duty industrial shredders or textile recycling plants? Feel free to contact us.

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