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‘The Bachelorette’ Charity faces toughest decision yet: Sending a Tanner home!


New Orleans became the stage for heartwarming moments and tough decisions on the latest episode of The Bachelorette, as Charity Lawson tried to find the men she could see a future with. Here’s a rundown of the highs and lows from this week’s episode:

Bachelorette Charity faces heartwarming moments & tough choices in New Orleans. Emotional group date ends in goodbye for one contestant. (ABC)
Bachelorette Charity faces heartwarming moments & tough choices in New Orleans. Emotional group date ends in goodbye for one contestant. (ABC)

Joey received the coveted one-on-one date

First, it was Joey who received the coveted one-on-one date. A horse-drawn carriage ride, delicious cuisine, and dancing in the streets made Charity’s heart skip a beat. “I just adore everything about him,” she gushed about Joey. Their connection felt natural, like being with an old friend, according to the tennis pro. By the end of the date, emotions ran high as Joey confessed, “I would be crazy not to tell you that I am falling in love with you.” Charity was moved and rewarded him with a rose, declaring that Joey could be her future husband.

Two-on-one date with Sean and Tanner

Next up, a nerve-wracking two-on-one date with Sean and Tanner. A swamp tour and a low country boil set the stage for the anxious trio. Charity’s inner conflict surfaced as she tried to distinguish between a boyfriend and a potential husband. The tension reached its peak during dinner, but in an unexpected twist, Charity decided not to hand out a rose that night. Both Sean and Tanner were promised more time to win her heart.

One-on-one date 2.0 with Dotun

Dotun, who had already enjoyed one memorable one-on-one date, was in for another surprise. Charity chose him for yet another solo outing. The two shared a fun run during the Crescent City Classic, and it was during dinner that Dotun bared his soul, confessing, “I’m definitely falling in love with you.” A radiant Charity responded with a rose, feeling more confident about their future together.

The group date proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions. Before the date, Sean sought clarity from Charity, expressing his disappointment after the two-on-one. Unfortunately, Charity couldn’t see herself getting there with him, leading to a heartfelt goodbye. During the group date, Aaron received a rose, but Charity found herself unable to eliminate anyone else, leaving the men in suspense.

In a private moment with Tanner, Charity made the tough decision to send him home, recognizing that it wouldn’t be fair to him or her family to proceed. Later, she handed out the final rose to Xavier, deciding to meet his family during the hometowns.

As Charity’s journey continues, emotions run high, and the quest for true love becomes more challenging than ever. Who will win Charity’s heart and secure a place in the final stages of this heartfelt search for love? Tune in to “The Bachelorette” on ABC to find out.


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