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The Dazzling History Of Natural Diamond Engagement Rings

In 1886, the year the Tiffany Setting launched, the Statue of Liberty was open to the public and Coca-Cola appeared on grocery shelves for the first time. Like those other American icons from the era, the Tiffany Setting has endured.

Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany conceived the Setting to glorify a single diamond as a symbol of everlasting love. The design had prongs lifting a diamond above a slender gold band. Light passed between the ring prongs and through the diamond, heightening its brilliance.

The deceptively simple style set the stage for the gem to shine as the star and established the new mode for modern engagement rings that dominated the 20th century and continues to be popular to this day.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first high profile women to wear a Tiffany Setting engagement ring. She received the jewel centering on a 3.4-carat diamond from Franklin Roosevelt in 1904 and shortly after wrote him a note saying, “You could not have found a ring I would have liked better.”

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