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TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Adika, the upstart Tel Aviv based Gen-Z fashion brand, is taking its cutting edge styles to the home of incumbent fast fashion heavy-weights of the likes of ASOS and Boohoo.

Commanding an online following half the size of ASOS, with a fraction of the marketing budget, Adika is truly a TikTok first brand. It has become common to see TikTok creators who are in the know wearing Adika styles from head to toe.

With the confidence of a true fashionista, the company’s entry into the United Kingdom fashion market will see it face off with leading European brands of the likes of Boohoo, ASOS, Missguided Zalando and more. Visit

Not the first name on the fashion list, Tel Aviv is known for its fun and unique lifestyle. Adika is the Tel Avivian fashionista’s street style brand that began its way exclusively as a fashion e-commerce site, introducing trendy fast fashion to Israel. Adika has since developed offline retail opening 10 stores as well as international expansion into North America.

Adika was launched in the US two years ago, with an international website and a flagship store in SoHo, New York, leading the fashion world of Gen Z. The site operates an extensive activity throughout the country, with revenues estimated at the tens of millions of dollars.

According to Roy Hessel, CEO of Adika: “We are excited to expand the brand further internationally and bring our recipe for success with today’s Gen Z fashion to the United Kingdom. The company’s innovative development techniques and technological capabilities are tailored for fast fashion needs. This allows us to bring forward the world’s leading trends on a weekly basis and translate them into fashion items coveted amongst the young and Gen Z crowds in the UK who devotedly follow all the latest word in the fashion world.”

“Adika is in line with the world’s biggest international sites, as a leading site in the fast-paced global fashion scene. We are pleased to embark on a new arena with the launch of the UK site, which will strengthen the company’s global operations and compete with the finest international European fashion brands,” said Hessel.

The UK fashion site will provide fast free shipping on purchases over £50.

About Adika

Adika is an Israeli-based online fashion and lifestyle retailer established in 2011.

The brand offers an extensive selection of fashion clothing items, footwear, bags, and accessories for young women within a wide range of sizes, prices, and updated weekly styles.

The brand, highly popular amongst fashionistas, has established its position as a solid home for fast trendy fashion, with dozens of new items being uploaded to the site weekly, following up on the world’s leading trends.

In light of its booming success, in 2014, a first pop-up store was launched, initiating Adika’s further expansion of services into physical retailing.

In March 2018, the company became a publicly traded company listed at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Gain a firsthand insight into the Adika spirit by checking out its throbbing socials:

Instagram: adikastyle 
Facebook: @adikaUS

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