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The Last of Us part 1 PC port issues: Probable causes and troubleshooting tips


The PC port of The Last of Us Part 1 was finally released on PC this week. It’s good news for anyone who hasn’t played the game over its past three releases on PlayStaion, but the harsh truth is that, at launch at least the game is in a bad shape. At the time of this writing the post-apocalyptic game is suffering from a plethora of performance issues, stuttering, bugs and crashes. The repeated screen freezes are plaguing the player’s experience even after paying a premium price for the action-adventure title.

The Last of US PC port troubleshooting tips
The Last of US PC port troubleshooting tips

At the time of the writing the game has 5000+ negative reviews on steam, a figure that shows the condition of the game. Players expressing their anger and frustration about the state of the game ever since it launched. The major complaint is towards the PC port company. Iron Galaxy, notorious for the egregious Batman: Arkhan Knight and Uncharted franchise ports.

Issues in the game

Steam reviews are flooding with numerous reviews such as rampant crashes, long loading times and poor optimization issues. Few widespread issues like:

1. Screen Freezes: The game is locking up at any time on its own, sometimes taking Steam or the whole system with it.

2. Crashes: The horror-adventure title is constantly crashing for many users

3. Poor Optimization: Numerous players are complaining that the game consumes far too much CPU than the GPU, and that’s why the performance is nowhere near as promised by Naughty Dog. Even on a high end system it’s nowhere near as buttery smooth as it should be relative to their system.

4. Mouse + Keyboard stutter: Apparently using the mouse and keyboard together result in stutter but using a gamepad removes this. This was also an issue with Uncharted ports.

Possible fixes

The Last of Us possible fixes to the issues
The Last of Us possible fixes to the issues

Till now there are no official fix and updates for the issues in The Last of US Part 1 port. Some of the issues can be fixed with generic troubleshooting. For now player can try these followings to address the matter-

1. Updating the GPU driver: Players can look for new GPU driver updates for their respective system. Crashing issue in The Last of Us Part 1 can be decreased or even fixed by merely updating to the latest GPU driver. The available AMD, Nvidia and Intel’s GPU driver app will notify users with the latest driver update and what game they are targeting with this patch.

2. Verify Game integrity files: Verifying the game integrity files on Steam can fix issues like rampant crashes. This simple method can help to find and fix any corrupted or missing files

The process for verify a file in Steam is as follows:

∙ Launch steam and go to your library and right click on the desired game.

∙ Click on properties and choose the local file option from the new window.

∙ You will then find the Verify integrity of game file option, click on it and wait for the process to complete.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the game: The Last of Us PC user can finally try to uninstall the title and then reinstall it again. This can possibly fix any missing or corrupted files. A fresh install is always a go to option for many players.

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Reportedly Naughty Dog addressed these issues and promised the user that the issue will be fixed in the next patches. Still, it’s starting to become a disappointing pattern that most of Sony’s big ports are suffering from performance issues on PC.


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