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SOUTH AFRICA/UK. Travel retail products, services and technology company Tourvest Retail Services has launched a new inflight food & beverage range with strong sustainability credentials. The range features brands including Toast Ale, Playin Choc, Scrapples, Bacardi and MOTH Drinks.

British brand Toast Ale has contributed its bestselling IPA Session beer, which is produced from fresh surplus bread. All profits from the brand go to charities.

New drinks sourced by Tourvest – including Toast IPA Session (left) and MOTH [which stands for Mix of Total Happiness] Margarita – are now available on inflight menus

An all-natural healthy apple & mango crisps snack produced by another UK brand, Scrapples, is also on the menu. Tourvest noted that up to 40% of all fruit and vegetables grown in the UK are wasted but Scrapples is trying to change that. The brand uses ‘wonky’ fruit in their recipes to help reduce that wastage.

Playin Choc, which makes vegan, organic and allergy-free chocolate with only three ingredients – cacao, vanilla and coconut – is also new.

The Playin Choc Dinosaur ToyChoc Box (pictured above) contains two individually-wrapped organic, dairy-free chocolates, a 3D cardboard puzzle toy to assemble and a fun facts card.

Tourvest has also developed the gluten-free Ploughman’s Snack Box. Each pack contains artisan crackers hand-baked in England, Applewood and Ilchester cheese spreads, and Wiltshire Country Garden chutney.

Also included are air-dried beef slices, while vegetarians can enjoy an option with pickled gherkins. Each box contains a fully compostable and biodegradable wrapped knife.

Two pre-mixed cocktails – the MOTH Margarita 125ml and Bacardi Mojito 250ml – have been introduced as part of the new inflight drinks menu.

The vegetarian version of the new gluten-free Ploughman’s Snack Box from Tourvest

Tourvest Director of Business Development, Strategy & Innovation Michelle Green said: “As part of the Tourvest Retail Services strategy, we take sustainability and the consequences of plastic on our environment very seriously.

“Our buyers, led by Michael Berridge, work closely with our suppliers to reduce the impact on the planet whilst offering solutions and products that taste great.”

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