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The Thriving Indian Aesthetic Industry Sees a Surge in Solutions for Youthful Skin & Anti-aging Needs


The aesthetic and anti-aging medicine industry in India has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation over the past few years. This sector has gained immense popularity and growth across a diverse demography and wide age group thereby reshaping the beauty and wellness landscape in the country. One of the biggest impetus behind this growth is the increasing awareness of aesthetics and the desire to combat the signs of aging.


The Inaugural Ceremony of the debut edition of AMWC India 2023


Indians, with a wide influence from global beauty standards and trends, have become increasingly mindful of their appearance and well-being. This rise in awareness is being witnessed across individuals from different age groups, with the younger generation proactively seeking aesthetic treatments as a preventative measure. India’s changing demographics also play a significant role in propelling this growth. With a sizable and growing middle-class population, there is greater affordability for aesthetic and anti-ageing procedures. As disposable incomes rise, more people can access these treatments, thus contributing to the industry’s growth. With an increase in advancements in medical technology and the use of cutting-edge innovations in the field of anti-aging medicine, more and more individuals are embracing these safer and more effective procedures.


Celebrating the growing popularity of the aesthetic industry in India, the globally renowned Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress recently made its successful introduction in India. The inaugural Indian edition of the globally renowned AMWC event series made its remarkable debut at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on the 15th & 16th of September 2023. This inaugural edition was marked by the presence of renowned international and domestic experts, including Dr. Woffles Wu (Singapore), Dr. Chytra Anand (India), Dr. Jamuna Pai (India), Dr. Patricia Ogilive (Germany), Dr. Marva Safa (Switzerland), Dr. Pegha Dehdari (Dubai), Dr. Tingsong Lim (Singapore), Dr. Ryan Fernando (India) and many more along with Mr Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India and Mr Rahul Deshpande, Sr. Group Director, Informa Markets in India.


Key exhibitors such as Allergan Healthcare, Aakaar Medical Technologies, BNC Global, ExoCoBio, Benev Eunsung Global, Dermakor, A.Menarini India, BTL Aesthetics, Spectra Medicals, Leader Healthcare India and many more made their presence felt amidst the attendees, including aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 


The medical experts discussed some of the key trends in the aesthetic medical industry. The world of aesthetic medicine is currently experiencing a surge in popularity driven by a convergence of factors. These include the influential sway of celebrities, advancements in technology, and the pervasive impact of the ‘Zoom Effect’ brought on by remote work. Among the notable trends shaping this landscape are Botox and dermal fillers, offering non-invasive and cost-effective solutions for a more youthful appearance, with market growth projected at 12-14%. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are in high demand, harnessing the patient’s own blood for rejuvenation. Microneedling has gained prominence for its ability to enhance skin texture and tone. Laser hair removal, known for its safety and long-lasting results, is increasingly sought after, particularly by men, contributing to a compound annual market growth rate of 16.7%. LED light therapy is on the rise as it stimulates cell regeneration and effectively addresses a range of skin concerns, anticipating a substantial market growth rate of 5.7%. Chemical Peels, offering a cost-effective means to achieve smoother and more radiant skin, are gaining traction, albeit possibly requiring multiple sessions for complete renewal. Body sculpting through Laser Lipolysis presents a non-surgical solution for fat reduction, accompanied by skin-tightening effects, with the advantage of a rapid recovery period, allowing patients to resume their daily routines within just 24 hours. The Indian medical aesthetic devices market is expected to reach $2.67 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 13.28%. These are a few trends that are collectively defining the dynamic landscape of aesthetic medicine in 2023.


Speaking of the growing Indian aesthetics markets, Dr. Chytra Anand, Founder, Kosmoderma & SkinQ Dermacare and President, Indian Academy of Aesthetic Doctors said, “In the kaleidoscope of innovations in beauty, India stands as a rising hub for cutting-edge wellness solutions and cosmetic procedures. AMWC India, shines as a leader of transformation, bringing together renowned global speakers to exchange their expertise with our distinguished national experts in the field of Aesthetic medicine. As we embark on this exciting journey with AMWC India, we anticipate the unfolding trends that shape the landscape of aesthetics and medicine in our country. The Indian aesthetic industry is currently experiencing a surge in holistic approaches that blend skincare, nutrition, and mental wellness. Customized skincare and treatment plans, tailored to individual needs and preferences, are gaining popularity amongst consumers. The male grooming industry in India is booming, with an increased focus on skincare. Today, a quest for natural-looking results, that enhance one’s existing features rather than dramatic transformations, is driving people’s preferences. Along with this, we are seeing a faster adaption to non-surgical cosmetic procedures ranging from lasers to threads to injectables by the consumer with a heightened demand post-COVID. Moreover, younger individuals are starting to seek anti-aging treatments as a preventative measure rather than waiting for visible signs of aging to appear. The medical aesthetic and anti-aging industry is dynamic, where innovations know no bounds. The prestigious assembly of medical experts at AMWC India celebrates these exciting trends while embracing the future of medical beauty.”


The field of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing medicine is currently witnessing an unparalleled surge in popularity, driven by the influential endorsement of celebrities, advancements in technology, and the growing emphasis on the desire to age gracefully or even reverse its effects. These treatments offer swift, cost-effective, and enduring results while posing minimal risk. With the successful debut edition of AMWC India, we celebrate the accomplishments of distinguished speakers, and cutting-edge exhibitors who are shaping the trajectory of aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine in India, highlighting prominent trends such as botox and fillers, PRP, micro-needling, chemical peels, laser treatments, body sculpting, and more,” added Mr Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India on the successful debut edition of AMWC India 2023.


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