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The Top 5 products Walmart has delivered by drone

Bentonville, Ark. – Walmart is touting the expansion of its drone delivery program, which now operates from 36 hubs in seven states: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

Spoiler alert: There are no home textiles among the most-ordered deliveries, which come from Walmart Neighborhood Markets and have a 10 lb. weight and volume requirement.

The top five items delivered via drone from Walmart were, in order, Great Value Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 16 oz, 2 lb. bag of lemons, Freshness Guaranteed Hot Rotisserie Chicken, Red Bull 8.4 fl. oz. and Bounty Select-a-Size paper towels.

Over the past year, Walmart has safely completed more than 6,000 deliveries to customers in as little as 30 minutes, the company reported. Currently 85% of items in a Walmart Neighborhood Market meet the 10 lb. weight and volume requirements for drone delivery.

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