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The world needs every form of renewable energy it can get its hands on…

The International Energy Agency has reported huge growth in renewable energy but has also warned deployment needs to be faster still to hit Net Zero ambitions.

The report focusses on requirements across the globe but there has been a tendency in the UK to pat ourselves on the back, having altered the way our electricity is generated over the last two decades. We all know that we, both the UK and the rest of the world, need to focus on other difficult areas such as transport and heat etc. rapidly to meet targets (indeed the Report highlights “The lack of policy and financial incentives for renewable heat is preventing faster growth.”), but this Report should be a reminder that the UK cannot be complacent about the continuing and increased roll out of decarbonised electricity generation.

We have huge aims for offshore wind coming forward, but we will almost certainly need to bolster that by encouraging deployment of new technologies and other proven renewable sources right now. It seems that Government is realising this with support for floating wind and tidal as well as opening up the next Contract for Difference allocation round to onshore wind and solar again. This is to be applauded, but we will also need to see a shift in public sentiment ( which may already be happening) and planners willing to grasp the nettle ( which may already be happening- have a look at the decision to grant the solar project in Dorset recently).

Installations of new renewable energy technology are on course to hit an “all time record” in 2021, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has said, but warned the world risks missing its mid-century deadline to reach net zero emissions without even faster deployment.

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