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Think Exam’s pivotal role in transforming education, learning and assessments


The disruption of the pandemic pushed the Indian education system’s digitisation efforts into overdrive. This initiative is listed as one of the top priorities of the Government of India and is supported by both public and private sectors, which are reimagining and reforming the education landscape in a digital avatar.

Revolutionising the assessment And learning ecosystem

From traditional classrooms to virtual ones, the journey of learning has become seamless, and Think Exam with its cutting-edge solutions has played a pivotal role in this transformation by digitising the entire lifecycle of assessments for corporations, educational institutions, edtech platforms, government bodies, and public-sector undertakings (PSUs).

ThinkExam by GingerET Spotlight

Think Exam offers a well-rounded suite of eight assessment and learning solutions that help learners access skills and jobs they are best suited to, and institutions match professionals to their requirements.

Here’s how Think Exam is moulding technology to elevate skilling and learning across domains:
Empowering educational technology platforms
Educational technology platforms are the backbone of modern learning. With Think Exam’s robust AI-integrated remote proctoring and assessment solution, edtech platforms have an accurate tool to gauge the effectiveness of their methodologies while tracking the progress and performance of their users. Along with the plug-and-play assessment tools that help edtech firms offer regular testing to their students, Think Exam also conducts real-world mock tests simulating exam-day circumstances that students preparing for competitive examinations are likely to face on the day of examination. Such an experience is designed to better prepare students to cope with stressful situations. .

Co-founder & CTO Ankit Khandelwal.ET Spotlight

Co-founder & CTO Ankit Khandelwal.

Empowering educational institutions and students
Think Exam’s game-changing offerings are perfect for educational institutions that are about to start or recently embarked on their digital transformation journeys. The easy-to-integrate solutions, backed by a team of technical support staff, ensure that the transition to a digital assessment environment is seamless and simple for both the staff and the students.The platform provides a plethora of tests across various study streams and difficulty levels designed by experts, ensuring that students are well-prepared and confident as they exit the learning module.

Enhancing corporate talent lifecycle
Beyond the educational sector, Think Exam has also empowered its proprietary tech stack to the task of identifying and nurturing talent. Think Exam’s corporate offerings comprise a variety of solutions aimed at pre-employment assessment, post-employment appraisal, and upskilling.

In this role, Think Exam goes beyond conventional skill and job role-based testing and offers psychometric evaluations that delve deep into individuals’ aptitudes and personalities, aiding organisations in making well-informed decisions grounded in data across talent acquisition, management, and development.

Accelerating the digital era of India’s education system
Over the last 15 years, Think Exam’s role in the digital transformation of education, learning, and assessments in India has been truly valuable. Whether it is empowering students with real-world mock tests, supporting educational technology platforms with internal assessments, strengthening corporate recruitment, or conducting glitch-free, large-scale government competitive examinations, Think Exam continues to be a driving force in accelerating the digitisation efforts of India’s educational ecosystem.

(Think Exam is a technology-first assessment solution that helps improve the process and outcomes of candidate testing for corporates, educators, and government bodies. Think Exam belongs to the parent company, Ginger Webs Pvt. Ltd., a leading technology company in the assessment and testing industry.

Ginger Webs also provides additional services in the testing ecosystem under the brands, Study 24×7 and OMR Home. Study 24×7 is a social learning app that connects educators and learners. OMR Home is a software solution that is capable of reading traditional OMR forms and OMR sheets with 100 % accuracy.)


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