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This app will help you generate video from video via AI within minutes

Artificial intelligence startup Runway, credited with developing the AI image generator Stable Diffusion, has now launched its first mobile app to give users access to its video-to-video generative model. At present, Gen 1 is available only on iOS devices. 

With this, the users can now record a video from their mobile phones and generate an AI video within minutes. Not only this, they can change any existing video in their library through text prompts, images or style presets, Tech Crunch reported.

According to the report, the users will be able to pick presets including ‘Cloudscape’ or transform their video to look like a claymation, charcoal sketch and more. They will be able to upload an image or type an idea into the text box which will generate four previews to choose from. It will take a few minutes to produce the final video.

Runways’ Gen 1 AI generative video tool is only available on iOS devices(Thinkstock)

The free version of this app has only 525 credits and videos of only five seconds long can be uploaded. A single second uses 14 credits. The company is planning to add support for longer videos and will continue to improve and launch new features. 

Runway co-founder and chief executive officer Cristobal Valenzuela said the company is focussing on improving efficiency, quality and control. The users will get to see more updates like longer outputs to high-quality videos.

The app does not generate nudity or copyright-protected work. Also, the users cannot create videos mimicking the style of popular IP. The app has two premium subscription plans. The standard plan costs $143.99 ( 11,775) per year which has 625 credits a month. It has other features like 1080p video, unlimited projects and all. 

The Pro version costs $344.99 ( 28,212) per year and will offer 2,250 credits per month and all the 30+AI tools offered by Runway. In March this year, Runway had rolled out its Gen-2 model which will help users to generate videos from scratch. The company has been slowly rolling out access to its closed beta for this model. 

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