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PSCL explains how cloud application technology has enabled the next step in the end-to-end integration of physical and business processes.

PSCL has long been recognised across North America for its automation solutions in the cement industry. Cement Distribution Management (CDM), Self-Service Loading (SSL) and Plant Portal (PP) manage physical processes as well as providing integration with ERPs and business processes for larger operations.

It was another PSCL program though, that yielded the methodology to integrate smaller and remote processes in real time. FR8Works (Freightworks) incorporates IoT (Internet of Things) devices to allow even the smallest operators to track trucks and loads while reducing time and errors, and increasing safety.

Integrated into CDM and its new online app CDMConnect, all business and physical processes are now accounted for. Each authorised user can quickly access the data that allows them to do their job.

Scale of operation no longer matters. CDMConnect is designed to provide up-to-the-moment reliable data for an independent driver with their own truck, a large corporation with thousands of moving parts, or anything in between.

Craig Leavitt, VP of Development and Innovation at PSCL, outlines some of the new processes and devices at PSCL’s Customer Experience Centre: “This is what came out of FR8Works, and we’ve integrated it into CDMConnect: Bluetooth tags, RFID cards and barcode scanners. We have more physical devices that we’ve added into that ecosystem, like the updated kiosk, printers and more.”

v“In addition, the PSCL’s green kiosk is now integrated into one self-contained unit. It can be mounted to a Strongarm or similar flexible pillar so drivers don’t need to get out of their trucks. This reduces time on site and potential accidents. There’s also a new UI that is more flexible than previous versions. And like the successful K5, these kiosks have been built to military grade (MIL-STD 810G) ensuring it can stand up to rugged use and extreme weather conditions.”


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