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This Multibagger Real Estate Stock To See Stock Split In next 6 days

1. Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd Announces Stock Split

The board of member in its filing to the BSE stated, “1. Approved the Sub-Division/ Split of existing 1 (One) equity share of face value of Rs. 10/- each fully paid up into 5 (Five) equity shares of Rs. 2/- each fully paid up, subject to the approval of shareholders of the Company. The Record Date for the purpose of Sub-division/Split of equity shares will be intimated in due course.”

As per the available information, the stock split is slated to take place from the face value of Rs 10 to Rs 2 in the ratio of 10:2.

Company Name Old Face Value New Face Value Stock Split Date
Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd 10 2 23 June 2022

2. Stock Outlook of Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd

2. Stock Outlook of Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd

The current market price or CMP of the stock is Rs 62.10 apiece with a decline of 4.61% in today’s trade till 11:30 pm. The stock has touched its 52-week high of Rs 95.75 apiece and 52-week low of Rs 13.70 apiece.

Highest recovery: The stock has attained highest recovery from its 52-week low.
The P/E of the stock is 135 which is higher than the sector P/E of 31.3. The EPS is 0.46.

Multibagger Returns: The stock has given multibagger returns in 1 years at 276% and in 5 years at 210%.

Current Market Price Rs 62.10
52-week high 95.75
52-week low 13
1 year return 276%
5 year return 210%

3. About Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd

3. About Navkar Urbanstructure Ltd

Navkar Urbanstructure Limited is engaged in providing building materials. It supplies ready mix concrete for infrastructure and large construction projects that may include dams, canals, commercial residential, and industrial structures, among others. The market capitalization is Rs 123 crore.

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