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Tiger Zinda Hai’s Sajjad Delafrooz recalls losing out Hrithik Roshan’s War: It was heartbreaking | Bollywood

For an actor losing a job isn’t a big deal, after a point it’s imperative for them to have an exterior to deal with rejections. However, when a dream project doesn’t work out, it indeed pinches a bit more. For actor Sajjad Delafrooz, it was Siddharth Anand’s War which didn’t materialise for him, leaving him “heartbroken”.

“Because I was new to the country, the process of this documentation and the visa process takes times. Mine was delayed for almost two to three days and since they were shooting abroad, they had locked the location. When you are shooting abroad, they can’t shift. So due to just a delay of two days I lost the job,” Delafrooz recalls.

While War was a box office success, the reason losing it pricked Delafrooz further was because it was the first project that was offered to him after his debut in Tiger Zinda Hai.

“It was not a good feeling. You get used to it after a point. However, back then I was quite shocked. Only 48 hours. I couldn’t catch that train and I lost my job. However, it was a learning process for me,” the actor shares.

The actor shares that in the last year he “lost around maybe two or three big projects”. “For me, it’s horrible experiences when you lose on a big film. But yes, what to say? You can’t blame yourself every single day in that situation. I did my best, but that was my best at that time,” he mentions.

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