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‘TLOU rips out whatever’s left of your heart every week’ fans react to episode 7

The Last of Us has been a masterpiece of a game since its release in 2013, and now, as an HBO series, it has captured the hearts of viewers once again. In episode 7, the showrunners bring to life the bonus chapter of the game, Left Behind, which sheds light on Ellie’s past and what made her the person she is today. In this article, we will look at how Twitterati reacted to episode 7 of The Last of Us.

A teenage joyride

The episode takes viewers back in time, weeks before Ellie met Joel, to a time when she was just a regular teenager, trying to find joy in a world filled with despair. Ellie and her friend-turned-crush, Riley, spend their time sneaking alcohol, jumping over rooftops, and exploring an abandoned mall. The scenes are taken straight out of the game, and the colourful imagery creates a dream-like atmosphere that’s hard not to get lost in.

Bella Ramsey’s portrayal of Ellie and Storm Reid’s Riley are a match made in heaven. The chemistry between the two actresses is palpable, and their joyous laughter is infectious. It’s refreshing to see Ellie in full goofball mode, something that we’ve only caught glimpses of in previous episodes.

A short-lived dream

The episode takes a dark turn when the girls encounter an infected runner. The fight is scrappy and tense, and the girls’ inexperience in combat is evident. Despite their victory, they both reveal to each other that they’ve been bitten. The scene is heartbreaking, and Ramsey’s outburst of rage is impressive, signalling the vengeance-fueled Ellie that we see in Part 2.

Music as a narrative device

The episode’s use of music is brilliant, with several popular songs used cleverly to signal danger or a moment of heaven in the hellish world. A-ha’s Take On Me holds special significance for those familiar with the game, while The Cure’s Just Like Heaven is a nod to Ellie as a form of cure amidst the chaos. The 1960s track I Got You, Babe, by Etta James is a poignant reminder of the hole that will be left in Ellie’s heart when Riley is gone.

A bond that cannot be broken

The loss of Riley is where we see the similarity between Joel’s and Ellie’s journeys. Both have been spurred on by past losses to keep from losing each other. Back in the present, Ellie’s care for Joel is not just about healing his physical wound but about healing past pains as well. It’s a touching moment that shows how their bond has strengthened over time.

Episode 7 of The Last of Us showcase of Bella Ramsey’s talent as a performer, and it gives us a deeper understanding of Ellie’s motivations in the present. The episode is a reminder that in a world full of despair, joy and love can still exist, even if only for a fleeting moment.

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