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Top 10 Best Door Manufacturing Companies In India In 2023

A moving barrier with a hinge that allows people to enter and exit a room is known as a door. There are different door manufacturing companies in India. A door or portal has been created in the wall. By restricting access to the doorway, an entrance serves the fundamental and most important purpose of keeping people safe (exit). A panel is usually made to fit into an opening in a structure, room, or vehicle (portal). The majority of entrances are constructed of a material that serves that purpose. Although slides, being pushed or pulled, or hinges hold most entrances together, they can also move in other ways.

The gateway can open and close at an angle away from the entrance or portal, by sliding on a plane parallel to the frame, folding at an angle on a parallel plane, or rotating around an axis in the middle of the frame. An entrance’s interior usually matches its exterior. However, the two sides can be very different at times, such as at a car entrance.

Many gateways can be locked so that only specific individuals have access to them (such as with a key). People can alert you by ringing the doorbell or knocking. Clapping from the sidewalk is a common way to draw attention to yourself in some places, such as Brazil.

Entrances can keep prying eyes out, divide spaces used for different purposes, let light in and out, control ventilation or air drafts to more effectively heat or cool spaces, reduce noise, and prevent fires from spreading, in addition to allowing people to enter and exit a room.

The entrance can be used for rituals, public appearances, and symbolic purposes. Getting the key to a gateway, for example, may necessitate moving from the outside to the inside. Furthermore, doorways and entrances are frequently depicted as symbols or allegories in literature and the arts to indicate that a change is about to occur.

Other applications exist for various types of entrances. The single-leaf entrance is the most common type, with a single rigid panel that fills the entrances. Just two of the many variations on this basic design are the double-leaf entrance, also known as the double entrance, and French windows, which have two adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of the entrance.

A split-down Dutch or stable door serves as the entrance. The bottom half is usually closed to keep the animal inside, while the top half is usually open to allow a worker to feed a horse or another animal. This type of entrance is common in contemporary homes.

Saloon entrances are two light, swinging doors that are common in bars, particularly in the American West. Saloon and cafe gateways are frequently hinged in both directions. No matter how the gateway opens, these hinges use springs to close it. Saloon doors with batwings only open to the chest level.

A blind entrance, also known as a Gibb entrance or jib entrance, has no visible trim or moving parts. It appears to be a part of the wall rather than an entrance because it has the same finish as the wall next to it. A French gateway is framed by one or more finely detailed or translucent panels that can be arranged singly, in pairs, or even in a row. These panels are known as lights or lites.

A French window is a pair of these matching entrances that look like casement windows and are the same height as a gateway. A central mullion is typically absent from a pair of French entrances used as French windows, as opposed to some pairs of casement windows. As a result, the opening widens and becomes more noticeable.

Weatherstripping is also required on the floor and where the entrance meets the frame to prevent water from entering. An espagnolette bolt can be used to simultaneously lock the top and bottom of each entry. The thin window joinery, which allows the most light into the space, reduces the visibility of the entrance joinery from the outside. A French window’s entrance typically leads out onto a terrace, balcony, porch, or balcony, but it can also lead to a garden.

The wooden fins of a louvered entrance can be fixed or moved. These fins, also known as slats or louvers, allow some air to enter while maintaining privacy and darkness in the space. Because they are not solid, they are frequently used in closets and drying rooms where airflow is more important than security.

Window shutters frequently have similar structures. Gwendolyn and Powel Crosley added a double louvered entrance to Seagate in Florida in 1929. Because it was impossible to see through the fins in any direction, these openings let air in while also providing more privacy to Seagate.

There is a solid or glass single-leaf composite gateway with high-density foam filling. In the United Kingdom, the majority of composite doors are BS PAS 23/24 certified and adhere to Secured by Design guidelines, an official UK police initiative. Steel security entrances, which are entirely made of the material, are frequently used to secure vaults and safe rooms.

Outside wooden panels can be used to mimic traditional interior and exterior entrances. A flush entrance is made of a light wood frame with plywood or MDF attached. Typically, cardboard core material is used to fill the hollow spaces in the structure. Hardboard can also be used to make skins. William H. Mason invented the first one in 1924.

Masonite got its name from the process of pressing and steaming wood chips into boards. Slightly thicker versions, on the other hand, are occasionally used as an exterior entrance, particularly in hotels and other structures with multiple separate apartments. Inside, flush entrances are commonly used.

A moulded entrance is constructed in the same manner as a flush gateway. The surface is made of shaped MDF, and that is the only difference. Hardboard can also be used to make skins. In a ledge and brace entrance, also known as a board and batten entrance, multiple vertical panels are held together by two or more horizontal timbers called ledges (or battens) (or battens). Braces, which are diagonal timbers, are occasionally used to keep the entrance square.

A wicket entrance is a small gateway hidden inside a larger door that allows people to enter without having to open the larger gateway. Examples include a ceremonial door in a cathedral and the gateway of a large vehicle in a garage or hangar.

A bifold gateway folds into two pieces. gateways are typically made of wood, but they can also be made of glass or metal. Bi-folds can be used in separate rooms, but they are most commonly used in closets. Outside access points are now provided by bi-fold gateways. The panels push together and fold up against one another when the gateway is opened. When the main entrance panel, also known as the “traffic entrance,” is fully opened, a stack of panels that fold very neatly against one another and resemble room dividers is present alongside the main entrance panel.

A sliding glass gateway, also known as an Arcadia gateway or a patio door, is a type of glass door that slides open (a detachable metal mesh covering the entrance). Australian pub entrances are a pair of plywood swinging doors that are common in the country. These entrances are usually red or brown and resemble the more formal entrances found in pubs throughout the British colonies.

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A false entrance is a window-shaped wall accent. The incorrect gateway was a common feature of tombs in ancient Egypt. It was thought to be a way to enter the afterlife. They are also used in the design of the graves of the desert tribes (e.g., Libyan Ghirza) (e.g., Libyan Ghirza).

A doormat is a mat that is usually placed in front of or behind a home’s front gateway. This was initially done to keep mud and dirt off of building floors.


Since prehistoric times, people have used gateways. The oldest gateways are those made of olive wood that King Solomon built for the Temple of God and those discovered in Egyptian tombs. Mesopotamian doors were made of textiles and hides, whereas stone doors were used in ancient Greece. The concept of single or double doors has survived into the twenty-first century, incorporating the designs, build quality, and aesthetics made possible by technological advancement. In terms of functionality, doors provide security, privacy, and aesthetics to a home or building. Locally available materials have had a significant impact on the construction and design of the gateway.

Rather than being made on-site for the building being built, technology and global trade have led to gateway manufacturers mass producing gateway of various types, designs, materials, aesthetics, and functions. They are widely distributed across the country or imported from other countries where gateway materials and labor are widely available and reasonably priced.

Various Doors Types

In India, doors are manufactured in a variety of ways. These doors can be classified according to the material used, the design of the door, and its functionality. The door’s distinguishing features, benefits, and drawbacks are also discussed.

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Depending on the Materials

  • Wood door
  • Door made of metal
  • Door made of aluminum
  • Plastic Doors
  • The fiberglass door
  • Glassdoor

According to door structure

  • Battened-door
  • Framed and paneled door
  • Close the door.
  • Mild steel entry door
  • Corrugated steel entry door
  • Hollow steel section doors
  • Metal-covered plywood doors

Considering Usability

  • The sliding door
  • Door with a hinge
  • Door that rotates
  • The automatic door
  • Swinging doors
  • wire gauges on the door
  • Steel door that collapses
  • Door with a rolling shutter

Let’s discuss the Top 10 Door Manufacturing Companies in India in 2023.

1) Mangalam Timbers Private Limited

It has been manufacturing safe and attractive doors for the residential market since 1982. Their main products are:

  • Plain Doors
  • Pre-Laminated Doors

They are well-known for pioneering the concept of “everything-in-one-place,” and they provide kitchen shelves and wooden cabinets for their customers’ convenience. With great success, the company has used waste wood and plantation timber. The company is well known for the extensive research strategies that underpin its innovation and marketing, and it is regarded as one of India’s largest and best gateway manufacturers. Mangalam products are available in showrooms across the country.

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2) Greenply Wooden doors

Greenply Wooden Doors is one of the best places in India to make wooden doors. Greenply was founded in 1990, and each customer’s order was made to order. Their main products are as follows:

  • Green and gold door
  • The Ecotec doors
  • Green doors
  • The Green Club’s front doors
  • Optima G SWF doors

Greenply flush entrances are widely regarded as among the best available. They are strong, secure, and stable, and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Furthermore, Greenply stands out in the entrance industry due to their strategy for ensuring a sufficient supply of products on the market. Despite being one of India’s most well-known and reasonably priced door brands, the company also uses a sustainable farm management strategy to create farm forestry to meet their material needs.

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3) CenturyPly Plywood 

When looking for the best door company in India, CenturyPly Plywood is the first company that comes to mind. Since its inception in Kolkata in 1982, CenturyPly has built a solid reputation and is now regarded as one of the best and most popular plywood gateway manufacturers. Their main products are as follows:

  • Flush doors
  • Veneer Doors
  • Bond Doors
  • Club Prime Doors
  • Melamine Door Skin

The front door is intended to complement both the exterior and interior beauty of the home. One of the primary advantages of using CenturyPly plywood is that it is a great material for creating a unique entrance for both homes and businesses.

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4) Maxon Doors

Maxon Doors was founded in 2007. To meet current demands, the company designs engineered entrances that combine “beauty with strength.” Maxon Doors is a leading gateway manufacturer in India. They accomplish this by utilizing a variety of high-quality equipment and tools to expedite the entrance-creation process.

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Maxon gateways obtain its raw materials from eco-friendly businesses. Videos on the company’s website show how the various wood layers reinforce the entrance. This is why the company claims it will enter the market in a way that is beneficial to the environment. Maxon Doors’ primary products include:

  • Door made of teak wood
  • Natural veneer door
  • Recon Veneer
  • Laminate door
  • Laminate Royal Art Door

5) Shree Balaji Wood Impex

Shree Balaji Wood Impex produces decorative doors all over the country. Shree Balaji Wood Impex has been in business since 2011. It is well-known for its large selection of wooden gateways and window frames. Shree Balaji Wood Impex sells gateways under the brand name “GSM Doors.” They are regarded as one of the best entry companies in India. The company has made environmentally friendly changes to its plant. This is a custom in the door industry. The company promises style and safety. Balaji Wood Impex’s main products are as follows:

  • Nagpur Teak Woods
  • GSM Wood Doors

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6) Pure Wood Doors

Pure Wood Doors is well-known for its custom wooden entrance. They have extensive experience designing gateways for homes and hotels. The company, which began manufacturing wooden doors in 1997, has grown to become one of the best in India. Pure Wood Doors‘ high-end gateways are affordable to homeowners. Customers almost always choose Pure Wood entrances when they want a sturdy and long-lasting wooden entrance. The company’s primary products are

  • Contemporary wood door
  • solid-wood entry doors
  • Door made of oak
  • Teak wood door
  • Beechwood Door
  • Tulipwood Door

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7) Mikasa Doors 

Mikasa Doors is well-known as one of India’s largest door manufacturers. The company is well-known for offering a wide variety of door accessories. Mikasa provides a variety of entrance frames to meet the needs of each client. Furthermore, the company builds ready-to-install entrances, which helps to prevent damage while the doors are being built and installed. Mikasa also offers a variety of laminates, paints, and veneers depending on how the door will be used and where it will be located in the building.

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Mikasa also produces a wide range of interior home decoration accessories. Furthermore, their ability to create novel designs on occasion has given them an advantage over their competitors. They sell the following products:

  • Doors that are fire-resistant
  • Doors that are not fire-rated
  • Single wood doors
  • Double wood doors
  • Door sets that are one-of-a-kind

8) Mini Max Plywood

Mini Max plywood is one of India’s leading door manufacturers. Because customer satisfaction is at the heart of the company’s operations, the company is always ready to make doors that meet the specific needs of each customer. Mini Max Plywood began operations in 2003. They are extremely knowledgeable due to their extensive experience and knowledge of wood. As a result, they can offer customers custom designs that maximize their investment. So, if a homeowner is looking for a strong, long-lasting entrance, they can always rely on this brand, whose main products are:

  • Flushed doors
  • Moulded designer doors

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9) Supreme Industries

Supreme Industries’ headquarters are in Telangana. Supreme Industries has been in business since 1942. It is regarded as one of India’s best entrance brands, and its fashionable high-quality wooden gateways. They have produced wood entrance products such as plywood, wooden entrances, and veneers. A wooden product’s internal construction determines how well it sells.

Supreme Industries focuses on producing high-quality entrance at both affordable and competitive prices. The company is also well-known for its prompt delivery and attentive customer service. Customers may contact Supreme Effects support at any time with questions. Their main products are as follows:

  • Doors Made of Metal
  • Doors leading to a cold room
  • Doors made of UPVC

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10) Doormark

Doormark’s corporate headquarters are in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company is well-known in its industry for its ability to meet the needs of young people. As a brand that caters to young people, the company conducts research on how their tastes and trends change in order to meet their needs. Doormark manufactures high-quality gateways with appealing designs for young people and the environment. Since its inception, the company has worked with a number of global brands to market chic and contemporary items. Their main products are as follows:

  • Slab doors which are Contemporary
  • Traditional square doors
  • Standard round-cornered doors
  • Applied Moulding 

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Which Front Door Material Is Best for Your Home?

Each material for front doors—wood, fiberglass, or steel—can provide a unique set of benefits to help you achieve the specific goals you have for your home. As you research different materials, consider panel styles, personalization options, and maintenance requirements.

It is critical to decide whether you want a front door with a glass window or one with a solid panel. A solid door panel offers the most privacy, whereas a front door with a glass window lets in plenty of natural light.

Consider how much upkeep each material will necessitate. Front doors made of steel and fiberglass require the least amount of upkeep. They have a long-lasting finish and are made of scratch- and dent-resistant materials. Wooden front doors require a little more maintenance. A wooden front door will need to be refinished or painted from time to time.

A new front door offers numerous benefits, such as dependable performance and innovative designs, as well as naturally energy-efficient wood panels, durable fiberglass, and steel panels.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement front door or a front door for new construction, there are a variety of front door panel designs made from the three main materials. Every material type has its own set of benefits that can improve your home.

Front Doors Made of Wood

In terms of beauty and craftsmanship, real wood is unrivaled. Wood front doors have a classic appearance and are made of a naturally energy-efficient material. The mahogany used to make Pella wood front doors is sourced in a sustainable and ethical manner. Because the front door panel floats in the frame, it can be adjusted to the extremes of the outside weather.

Choose between the stunning Rustic Walnut and the inviting Warm Mahogany for your front door panel. Both provide a variety of design options, including panel types, decorative glass, grille designs, pre finish stains, and other ways to personalize your façade. The stain-grade frames and optional multipoint lock system distinguish Pella’s wood entry doors from the competition. For the best appearance, go with solid-panel or wood front doors with glass. The most customization options are available with wood entry doors.

Composite entrance doors

Fiberglass front doors are highly functional and require little maintenance. Pella fiberglass is resistant to rust and corrosion, as well as denting. There are smooth fiberglass panels, oak-grain panels, fir-grain panels, and mahogany-grain panels to choose from. Grained fiberglass is less expensive and has the warm, rich look of wood without the maintenance.

The panels are installed with a composite frame, which is a low-maintenance option that provides exceptional energy efficiency while keeping your home free of leaks and drafts. Solid or glass panels can be used to create a stunning entryway that will last for many years.

Front steel doors

Steel front doors are extremely durable and long-lasting. When painted, the smooth surface produces an even color. Furthermore, the steel panels provide a high-end, low-maintenance appearance to your home.

Steel front doors with solid panels add a distinctive design element to your home while providing the utmost privacy. Steel front doors have an advanced, low-maintenance frame system that resists rot and provides many years of exceptional energy efficiency and performance.

Front doors with glass panels

Glass front doors are made of fiberglass and wood. Allow natural light to enter your home while making a statement. Pella front doors are available with a variety of obscured glass options to provide your home with the ideal level of light and privacy. Pella entry doors with glass panels come standard with Low-E insulating glass, which provides thermal protection and exceptional energy efficiency.

A Pella glass-paneled entry door is an excellent choice for all climates because it provides effective insulation from heat and cold. Consider upgrading to beautiful decorative glass options for a unique touch of style or more privacy.

32 types of glass front doors for your home

Front doors made of fiberglass, wood, or steel

Choose the most important features of your home and compare the performance of each front door material to see which is best for you. Fiberglass and steel front doors require the least amount of maintenance, while wood front doors require only minor maintenance on occasion.

Your home will be more comfortable because each material and its supporting framework has been optimized. Choose a wood or fiberglass front door with a glass panel if you want one. Steel front doors have the fewest customization options, while wooden front doors have the most.


A home or office building’s doors provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Despite the fact that wooden doors continue to dominate the market, as a result of technological advancement and shifting consumer preferences, door manufacturers are now offering a variety of non-wooden doors. They have distinguishing characteristics and aesthetics that expand their range of applications and locations.

Building one’s dream home frequently necessitates a large financial and emotional investment. It can be difficult to find strong, high-quality doors and windows that improve the appearance of the house. This blog should help builders and homeowners find the best door manufacturers in India that can meet all of their needs.

32 types of glass front doors for your home

The top ten wooden door manufacturers in India are listed above, and they offer their customers very refined, authentic, and classy door designs. As people have become more aware, they have begun to focus on purchasing doors that will complement the décor of their home, making them extra cautious about their choices. Businesses have devised innovative marketing strategies to attract customers as a result of increased demand. As a result, the next time you need a door for your dream home, you can select from any of India’s top ten listed wooden door manufacturers.

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