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Top 10 Robotics Companies in Dubai that You Can Work For

by Zaveria K November 25, 2022

The top 10 robotics companies in Dubai have seen growth due to the advancements in the industry

As technology develops over time, robotics has emerged as one of the global sectors with the quickest growth rates. The robotics companies in Dubai have grown tremendously as new strategies and technological advancements spur a rise in new activities. Over 500 businesses produce goods in four areas in the congested robotics market.

A new analysis predicts that the value of global robotics companies would increase from $25 billion in 2021 to about $260 billion by 2030. To build a robot that can mimic human behavior, the top robotics companies combine science and technology. Robots are increasingly used to carry out risky tasks. Robotics is advantageous to the manufacturing sector. For instance, in a factory, a robot might be in charge of welding. The top 10 robotics companies in Dubai will be discussed in this article. It should be noted that the firms are not ranked based on the positions they are given.


1.Optimusrobo FZCO

Optimusrobo has raised the bar to a newer height by providing a Robotic solutions portfolio that includes a complete range of Humanoid Robots and Service Robots in many discrete applications apart from providing turnkey solutions for the product industry and service industry company also provides a plethora of engineering services including Mechanical Design, Simulation, Robot Programming, PLC Programming and Integration services onsite and offsite. 


2.Unique World Robotics

Unique World Group is a diversified international establishment headquartered in Dubai, UAE, started in 1995. Since inception, the idea was to build a reputation for delivering the highest quality of services by maintaining the highest level of efficiency, efficacy, and integrity.


3.Seed Robotics

Seed Robotics is a European company, founded in 2015, specializing in Robotic Solutions for Research, mainly in the areas of artificial intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive science. The company’s goal is to empower researchers with the tools that will allow us, one day, to truly live with robots in our lives.


4.DG World

Offers robotics, industrial automation, and advanced mobility. With 150+ employees, the company has left its footprints in various parts of the world. DGWorld develops products and solutions using the most advanced technology of Industry 4.0, IoT, and deploying AI-based solution robots, self-driving automobiles, and AI-powered server configurations.


5.Neo Robotics

Neo Robotics innovates customer experience by delivering interactive solutions to the retail industry and customer service. They develop unique applications through our
custom-designed robots in cooperation with Hease Robotics.


6.Reliable Robotics

Advanced automation will make aircraft safer, more available, more affordable, and fundamentally transformative to the way goods and people move around the planet. Starting with a certification-forward approach, Reliable Robotics first demonstrated the gate-to-gate fully automated operation of a Part 23 aircraft and is now working towards commercialization of technologies for Part 23 cargo and Part 25 passenger vehicles



Amro Kamel General Trading is part of Amro Kamel Group, one of the fast-growing companies in the Gulf. It is present in diverse domains such as General Trading and Entertainment Management & Organizing. Amro Kamel General Trading provides robotic innovative solutions for different industries in UAE, such as logistics, hospitality, entertainment, and security. Amro Kamel General Trading is an exclusive distributor of AMY Robotics, Cerevo Technologies, and Robot Security Systems.


8.GLITZ Robotics

Glitz Robotics & Technologies unleash advanced technology solutions to mankind. Glitz team believes in protecting humans from the pandemic and from other contingencies through advanced technologies & robotic solutions. They provide technology safety and security solutions all over the world. Glitz Team has more than 10 Years of Experience in the Robotics & Technology Industry. GLITZ Technologies operations mainly in UAE, Russia & Hong Kong to take your business to the next level without any hassle.


9.IQ Robotics

IQ Robotics was founded in Dubai in 2019 based on an essential need for cutting-edge technology in the supply chain and logistics industry in the region. Customers in the region have ever-increasing expectations, and we trust that technology is the solution. Their team came together from all over the world bringing their unique experience and expertise and most importantly their passion, to bring about essential progress and offer unlimited possibilities for customers who are ready to bring the future of technology here and now



At Expo 2020 Dubai’s Official Premier Partner, Terminus Group will deploy more than 150 programmable robots. Fitted with features such as multi-touch displays, 5G network capability, AI-driven object mapping, and object detection, the robots will perform a variety of tasks such as greeting visitors, performing in special displays, and providing visitor assistance, as well as helping with food and beverage delivery and hospitality services

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