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Towards sustainable Energy- Tata Power commissions hybrid renewable power plant

Tata Power Green Energy Limited, on Wednesday, announced that it has commissioned a hybrid renewable power project. The plant setup in the state of Rajasthan will have the capacity to produce 225 MW of electricity. The power produced in this hybrid renewable power project would be used by Tata Power for distribution in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Tata Power Green Energy Limited (TPGEL), incorporated in 2011, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power.

According to a 25-year power purchase agreement, TPGEL would supply the power generated from the project to Tata Power Mumbai Distribution. This is to ensure the Renewable Purchase Obligation of the company is met.

The 225 MW hybrid power project is the first project of such a kind by the company. The project consists of a 225 MW solar plant located in Noorsar, Rajasthan, and wind power plants already operated by the company with a capacity of 96 MW. Wing and Solar projects together are expected to generate nearly 700 MUs of electricity annually.

The commissioning of the renewable energy project is good news for environmentalists as the amount of non-carbon power of customers in Mumbai would increase to 38% of the entire power portfolio.

When calculated annually, 2000MUs of energy would be non-carbon out of the total requirement of 5200 MUs which is double the percentage of mandatory renewable energy under Renewable Purchase Obligation.

Dr Praveen Sinha, CEO & MD of Tata Power

Dr Praveen Sinha, who is Chief Executive Officer and managing director of the energy company, said that the commissioning of the new renewable power project is part of the company’s efforts to increase the non-carbon portion of energy generation. He added that projects like this would help India achieve its international and domestic goals regarding climate change and the production of sustainable energy.

The solar plant on 1200 acres of land in Noorsar and the wind plant in Maharashtra with 100+ wind energy generators is expected to offset nearly 700 million kilograms of carbon dioxide every year.

The wind plant part of the project was undertaken by TPGEL while the solar plant project was executed by a subsidiary company of Tata Power and Tata Group, Tata Power Solar.

Amidst harsh climatic conditions in Rajasthan, immense temperature, and social and economic challenges, the companies were able to complete their projects within the timeline stipulated in the actual plans.

Tata Power, which was set up nearly 100 years ago, is currently one of the largest power companies in India.

The company currently has a total capacity of producing 5524 MW of renewable energy of which 3859 MW projects are operational, and the rest are under various stages of execution.

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