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Transformative textiles and trendsetting sustainability a hit at Functional Fabric Fair

New York – Plants are in, chemicals are out. Regenerative is a hot topic and the coolest new textile technologies offer carbon capture.

Emily Walzer

Emily Walzer

In a special presentation during HTT’s virtual Material Changes conference on Nov. 14, Textile Insight Editor Emily Walzer will share top takeaways from the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, Ore. and the Performance Days expo in Munich – and explain how today’s cutting-edge material developments and circular innovations are influencing modern lifestyles – from sneakers that can serve as compost in the garden to curtains that freshen the air for a healthier home.

The virtual conference will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., including breaks. Registration is free and available here. Supima is the event’s Platinum sponsor.

Additional sessions include:

Navigating the Anti-Consumerist Tide in Sustainability

Claire Tassin Morning Consult

Claire Tassin

Shoppers are more concerned about the impact manufacturing practices have on the environment than they are about their individual purchasing decisions – but they still have ill-defined concepts of sustainability, according to Morning Consult’s new consumer report. Claire Tassin, Retail & E-Commerce Analyst at the business intelligence firm, will share insights from the research, including which product attributes and practices resonate most effectively.

Time for a Reset: Why Vendors and Retailers Need to Shift Focus on Supply Chain

Edward Hertzman Sourcing Journal

Edward Hertzman

New research from Sourcing Journal and Alix Partners reveals some alarming news about the extent to which brands are vulnerable to claims of green washing – even those who think they’re doing sustainability right. Fresh off the Sourcing Journal’s Fall 2022 Summit, Founder and President Edward Hertzman will share some of the findings, along with insights into assessing risk in key textile-producing countries and how the industry needs to overhaul the way it thinks about costing in the supply chain.

Opportunities in the Metaverse: Unraveling the Realities of What They Are… And Aren’t

Nicole Leinbach Retail Minded

Nicole Leinbach

West Elm, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are among the major brands that have already jumped into the Metaverse. But have consumers? And should your unique business? Understanding how the Metaverse impacts the consumer’s path to purchase is critical in identifying how you should – or shouldn’t – invest in the Metaverse in both time and dollars. Join globally recognized retail thought leader Nicole Leinbach, founder of Retail Minded, in a Q&A discussion that will unveil the potential this avenue has, including some surprising information about Gen Z’s outlook on the channel.

Solid as a Block – The Newest Advancement in Traceability

Rupert Hodges, Amit Gautam and Marc Lewkowitz

Rupert Hodges, Amit Gautam and Marc Lewkowitz

The era of traceable, independently authenticated blockchain tracking for home textiles is at hand. But what exactly does that mean for securing supply chains – and how does it work? This panel discussion will provide insights into the system soon rolling out to brands and manufacturers working with Supima cotton. Featuring Marc Lewkowitz, President of Supima; Amit Gautam, Founder & CEO of Textile Genesis; and Rupert Hodges, Chief Commercial Officer of Oritain

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