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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Saudi Arabia allows return to service of Boeing 737 MAX

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Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has announced that the Boeing 737 MAX plane will be allowed to return to service from and to the kingdom, said a report.


The return will be done after completing the necessary review, taking necessary measures and completing all necessary tests by the US Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency and other civil aviation authorities around the world, said the Saudi Press Agency report.


GACA stated that Saudi national carriers do not operate the MAX model, but several foreign airlines operate flights to and from Saudi airports, and several flights cross the kingdom’s airspace with the same model.


GACA confirmed that the lifting of the temporary suspension came after close coordination with the international civil aviation community regarding changes, licensing and training to ensure the highest level of safety.


GACA has published a Navigational Notice (NOTAM) allowing the MAX to return to service, and it has also been published in the Saudi Aviation Information Guide in addition to a directive notice (AC), who will also issue a Type Acceptance Certificate (TCA) when the aircraft is registered for the first time in the National Aircraft Registry.

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