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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality UK reopens international travel for green-list countries


The UK government has announced that international travel will resume from May 17 for green-list countries, said a report.


For now, around 12 countries and territories have been covered in the green list, including Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Portugal, Falkland Islands, Jerusalem, Singapore and more, said a report in Airport Technology.


The top four destinations – Spain, France, Italy and the US – were among those left off. These four sit in the amber category, requiring self-isolation for those returning to the UK.


Turkey, another big holiday destination, was added to a red list. That requires travellers to spend 10 days in managed hotel quarantine on their return, which they must pay for themselves, the report said.


Those travelling to countries on the green list will have to take two Covid-19 tests, one before arrival back into the UK and one within two days of returning. However, they will not need to quarantine on return, unless they test positive for Covid-19, it said.


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