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Trippers to end snapped power-line deaths in Tamil Nadu- The New Indian Express

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CHENNAI:  In a move to stop the loss of lives due to snapped power lines, Tangedco is planning to install tripping devices in transformers across Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs 5,800 crore. A senior official said the device will stop the power supply immediately whenever overhead power cables get snapped.

Instances of people and animals getting electrocuted by coming into contact with snapped power lines may become a thing of the past once the project is implemented successfully, officials said. A detailed project report has been submitted to the State government for approval, officials said.

We expect the installation work to start by December, they said. According to official data, 97 people and 28 animals were electrocuted across Tamil Nadu in the first three months of this year. Officials say electrocution due to snapped power cables is one of the major causes of electricity-related deaths in the State, and it is particularly high during monsoon seasons.

A senior Tangedco official said the tripping device will act as a circuit-breaker and it will also spot abnormal events such as voltage fluctuations and alert the common central server to be set up for tracking the tripping devices. Another official said the contraption will also help in getting accurate details like temperature of transformers and oil level.

Device to help monitor voltage fluctuations

The device will also help in monitoring voltage fluctuations and number of power units consumed. According to a technical staff, a few years ago the State power utility had installed similar tripping devices in Tirunelveli district. But due to technical failure, the project was not taken forward to other parts of the State. “Now we are planning to install modern devices that will emanate exact signals,” the official said.

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