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Turkish startups, giants team up for 5G-backed manufacturing digitalization

Türkiye’s leading consumer durables and electronics manufacturer Arçelik has unveiled the first projects developed within the scope of a program aimed at supporting the development of manufacturing industry technology solutions with 5G infrastructure.

Backed by the 5G@EndTech program, initiated in cooperation with Nokia and Türk Telekom, technology companies have developed solutions that will increase productivity, cost and safety in the manufacturing industry, from occupational health and safety to instant inspection and monitoring at a factory, using 5G technology.

The projects were unveiled at the Garage Innovation Hub at Arçelik’s Çayırova-based campus in a ceremony attended by Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank.

Arçelik developed 13 projects to date with technology companies within the scope of the 5G@EndTech Program, established under the auspices of the Industry and Technology Ministry, in cooperation with the Presidential Investment Office, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye’s (TÜBITAK) Turkish Management Sciences Institute (TÜSSIDE), and run by Nokia and Türk Telekom.

The Demo Day event at Garage Innovation Hub showcased the projects that have been developed as part of the program that seeks to support new 5G infrastructure technology solutions for the manufacturing industry and the commercialization of these products.

Global competitiveness

Addressing the event, Varank said everything nowadays is interconnected and interacts in a world where the criteria of innovation is mainly based on the prevalence, speed and reliability of telecommunication systems.

“In the coming years, 5G and beyond technologies will play a decisive role in global competitiveness and prosperity. By taking voice, data and image transmission to an advanced dimension, it will bring innovations in many fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics and production technologies,” the minister said.

“Nowadays, when autonomous vehicle technologies are starting to take place in our lives more and more, thanks to 5G, vehicle-vehicle and vehicle-infrastructure communication can be provided smoothly with minimal data and time loss,” Varank noted.

25 million jobs

Varank stated that 5G is expected to generate an economic value of $3.8 trillion and close to 25 million jobs in the global market by the end of 2035.

“The applications to be developed in the manufacturing sector will constitute an important part of this value. In this sense, we are also carrying out robust studies in order to become one of the leading countries in 5G technology,” he stressed.

“Within the scope of the program, 13 technology companies were provided with all kinds of support at the point of productization and commercialization of their ideas. Our initiatives have presented their usage scenarios today. We have achieved very important results in what we can call very short periods of time.”

5G advantage in production

Drawing attention to the importance of the open innovation approach and public-private sector cooperation, Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu, head of Koç Holding’s durable consumer goods group, said the projects developed so far within the scope of the 5G@EndTech also encourage them to design similar programs in the future.

“5G has critical importance in data collection, processing, transmission and management for digital transformation in production. While implementing previously impossible applications in production with 5G technology, we will be able to make the processes that take hours much faster,” Ebiçlioğlu noted.

“As Arçelik, we had the chance to see in practice what can be done in the manufacturing industry with 5G technologies at the Demo Day, which we are extremely happy to host today. Open innovation is one of the most important ways to further develop and strengthen innovation and innovation culture. We are proud to support open innovation in this field with the 5G@EndTech Initiative Acceleration Program,” he added.

Setup for smart factories

Also addressing the event, Yusuf Kıraç, deputy general manager at Türk Telekom in charge of technology, said the company is developing solutions that increase productivity with projects it has created on the basis of smart factories.

“In this context, the ‘Smart Factory’ application that we have implemented with Arçelik and Nokia has the distinction of being Türkiye’s first industrial private network solution,” Kıraç noted.

“As the leading company supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in corporate terms in Türkiye, we aimed to support domestic and national initiatives by implementing the 5G@EndTech program with our valued business partners. We have established the 5G network infrastructure needed by startups at the Arçelik Çayırova factory and we have provided 5G training to startups and provided technology mentoring to them by transferring our knowledge and experience,” he said.

Kıraç emphasized that features such as low latency and high capacity provided by the 5G network established within the scope of the program have become a technology that makes a difference for startups in the solutions that they will develop.

“I sincerely congratulate the 13 initiatives that have successfully completed the program. We believe that this initiative, which has great importance in terms of the development of the domestic ecosystem, will be an example for our sector,” he added.

Autonomous robots

The Demo Day event saw the exhibition of all kinds of solutions that will increase speed, decrease error and accident rates in production and boost productivity.

The projects developed by the 13 technology companies included an autonomous drone with artificial intelligence supported by a 5G connection that can detect security risks in the campus area and a robot that detects and reports occupational health and safety problems with image processing.

They also featured a sightseeing robot with the ability to make autonomous virtual factory trips with 5G infrastructure and industrial solutions that can perform predictive maintenance with 5G and/or replace traditional wired systems.

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