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‘Two ports in Chennai shipped 3.64 lakh vehicles in 2022’

Passenger cars being loaded on to RoRo vessel in Kamarajar Port

The two major ports in Chennai collectively facilitated the export of almost 3.64 lakh vehicles to various countries during the calendar year (CY) 2022, recording an increase of 26% year-on-year.

While Chennai Port Trust (ChPT) exported 2.23 lakh cars, mostly those made by Hyundai Motor India, against 1.65 lakh units in CY21, Kamarajar Port Ltd. (KPL) shipped 1.41 lakh vehicles (1.25 lakh).

With the present numbers, the car export volumes from ChPT had crossed the 2,00,000 mark once again, while that of KPL declined from a similar level on account of COVID-19, said a leading logistics provider.

“There has been an increase in car exports from Chennai Port. Some of the automobile firms have signed long-term contracts with us and some are coming up for renewals,” said Sunil Paliwal, chairman, ChPT and CMD of KPL in an interview.

He also said that recently Maruti Suzuki had entered into a pact with KPL to export about 20,000 passenger vehicles annually to various destinations such as Africa, Middle East, Latin America, ASEAN and SAARC regions.

During the year, Nissan and Renault exported 81,000 vehicles from KPL, followed by Ford India 28,400, Isuzu Motors 17,400, Daimler India 5,800, Toyota Kirloskar 105 and others 8,000 units.

In the case of ChPT, Hyundai Motor has a long-term contract and exported about 1,45,300 vehicles followed by Kia Motors India 76,910 and Ford India 555 unit.

Till a few years back, there was stiff competition between ChPT and KPL in terms of exports and the latter had an upper hand. But things changed after the acquisition of KPL by ChPT and due to COVID. Both the ports are now headed by the same IAS officer.

From January to December, 47 Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) vessels visited ChPT. In the month of December, it handled as many as 26,000 cars.

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